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 If you've ever wondered if the Social Confidence Club or EFT Tapping is for you, I've got 19 testimonials for you. Watch these interviews for incredible stories, inspirations and see what's possible!

Social Confidence Club Results


Deb shares her very personal struggles and her attempts to deal with social anxiety, from working with therapists to medication and meditation. Whenever possible, she avoided social events, and if she had to attend, she struggled before, during and after.

In the Social Confidence Club, she found immediate relief with tapping and the support of the worldwide community. After 7 months in the Club, (and only doing the bare minimum!), she’s made impressive progress!

She says, "I'm not anxiety-free... but I am socially at ease a lot of the time, and I can calm my anxiety down to connect with others."


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Kate suffered from social anxiety for her whole life before she joined the Club now.

Now she's 60 and she doesn't even think of social anxiety anymore.

She lives her life does what she wants and enjoys tremendous freedom.

Age is no longer an excuse anymore!

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Sara made profound progress. She didn't fully resolve her social anxiety yet. But she's on the journey and committed to complete liberation.

She says that it bothers her a lot less. She gets over it a lot more quickly when it comes up for her.

Sometimes she finds herself on the way to something, and she notices that there's no anxiety whatsoever and she's simply looking forward to it.


When I interviewed her, one phrase that she said to me stood out a lot. And it was:

"Social anxiety symptoms are all pretty much gone. Which is amazing!"

She also mentions that she's so much more comfortable with herself now, which of course, translates into social situations.

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Andris has made profound progress and talks a lot about his increased levels of self-acceptance and self-awareness.

Now, he feels less anxious and can easily connect with people. He mentions how easy it is now to talk to people.

He also mentions how he can now speak his mind and share his thoughts more freely.


Brent has been shy all his life and suffered from social anxiety since his mid-teens, all the way up to his 30s.

He recalls how, 10 years ago, he has to write the message he needs to leave in a voice mail because he extremely fears it not being perfect.

Now, he no longer experiences any clinical social anxiety, whereas before he had a severe social anxiety disorder

He speaks with tremendous passion about his breakthrough, and other areas of his life like his business which is blossoming now too.

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Tina describes how anxiety used to be such a profound problem for her.

She shares how the tapping and the journey helped her own the problem, instead of hiding and becoming embarrassed about it.

Now she often experiences weeks without any anxiety whatsoever.

She also adds how she now feels happier and much more into life.

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Graham used to be anxious in all situations that were social.

Now, it's a lot less, and not in all situations. And he's developed a much better relationship with the anxiety further.

He's come to profound insights about himself and the journey to such a degree that he's in the process of becoming a practitioner to help others with social anxiety as well.


James talks a lot about the profound healing effects that he's received from being in the community with other people who have a similar problem to the one he has.

He talks about situations where he no longer has anxiety.

He now enjoys conversations, feels OK for the rest of a work meeting, and is more comfortable being put in the spotlight.

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Jessica reached out to me, saying, "Hey, I've overcome my social anxiety. Thanks to your Social Confidence Club. I was wondering if you'd like me to do an interview for you."

Talk about a transformation!

She goes into how she suffered, what she did in order to overcome it, and
how social anxiety is no longer an issue in her life now.


Tapani is in his 60s. He suffered for as long as he could remember.

He found EFT tapping about 15 years ago. He had made some decent progress on his own in 14 years.

The most recent year that he joined a social confidence club has been incredible for him.

His blushing problem is something of the past. He doesn't get upset about it anymore.

If it happens, and it almost doesn't happen anymore at all, he can now start conversations with strangers and enjoys it.

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I contacted Brent for a follow-up interview to check and see do these changes last.

Brent will tell you with great excitement that the changes didn't just last. It got even better than it was the year before!

He doesn't do much tapping anymore, because it's not necessary, but his life keeps improving.

And wherever necessary, he uses the tapping to move to the next level.

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Coaching Results


Tavon is the first hero to say yes to my question, "Can I maybe interview you to share your results with others?"

I only worked with Tavon for 3 sessions. He overcame his social anxiety in pretty much 3 weeks which is unusual and uncommon. But his story is very inspiring and powerful.

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Zizou was not a coaching client, but a friend from the dance community, who I offered to help with her problem of freezing up around attractive men.

We did a 45 minute group session at our retreat and a 2.5hr private session.

She overcame that problem and 90% of her overall social anxiety issues went as well.

At the end, we dance together as an expression of our freedom.


Alfred dealt with significant social anxiety. His biggest problem was feeling inferior to people.

As he describes in the interview, that problem no longer is an issue ever.

He never ever feels beneath anyone. He feels equal and lots of areas of socializing have improved for him. He's a new man.

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Siamak's main problem was being the center of attention.

Many areas of his life were actually working fairly well. But whenever he was the center of attention, he would freeze up and had problems.

We worked together for 3 sessions and resolve that issue completely.

Now he delivered a speech for his wedding and absolutely nailed it and
had an amazing experience. Super inspiring.

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Civanni volunteered to do a live coaching session with me on YouTube.

Six months after, he reached out saying things have been so much better and that he’s made a lot of progress.

I then asked him, "Would you be willing to share that in an interview to spread the good news?” And he said yes.

In this interview, he shares how tapping helped him significantly reduce his social anxiety.

He reports feeling much more at ease in social settings and made heaps of progress since then.

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Salua is a former coaching client who overcame her social anxiety completely and agreed to share her story of transformation.

She goes into how she felt before coaching (extremely nervous and nervous), how she experienced the coaching, what other benefits it has created in her life, and how she experiences social situations now.


Sebastian dealt with strong perfectionism and social anxiety.

He resolved nearly all of it. He started his own business and not only improve improved his social experience but also began improving other areas of his life.

He lives a much freer, happier, and more confident man.

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