Beat social anxiety while having fun, connection, and the adventure of a lifetime in a beautiful resort in Ubud, Bali! For seven days in April 2019, join me (and my buddy Tom) on the most amazing shortcut from social anxiety to social confidence that exists.


An exclusive healing adventure for a select group in a beautiful resort in Ubud, Bali. There is nothing else out there like this for overcoming social anxiety.


Become part of a special mastermind group - 8 people transforming and building profound connections guided by 2 who have done the work to free themselves.


Profound Transformation

Become OK with all of YOU. Get to a place where you can truly CONNECT with others and shift the issues holding you back. After this your life will never be the same. 

"With this set-up I’ve seen people make more profound transformation in a single day that they make in a 3 day long experiential workshops."

Dr. David Lake
Tapping expert, Psychotherapist, therapist to therapists

Each day we’ll have a similar format

Something like this:

9AM Morning routine (includes an empowering delicious breakfast)
1030-1230 workshop (Psych-K, 1 on 1’s in front of the group, group tapping, connection building exercises, intimacy games, state anchoring, visualization, etc —> we’re working through everyone’s biggest fears and deepest limiting beliefs)
1230-1330 Yummie lunch
130-6pm Free time/Adventure of the day
6-7pm delicious dinner
7-9pm sharing circle (we work through the triggers of the day, and anything that triggers you about the upcoming day)

*this is a rough schedule, sometimes the adventure of the day will be during day time, sometimes it will be in the evening. I’ll make sure you’ll have plenty of free time each day and a nice balance between activity and relaxation.

Here are some of the adventures:

· Sound healing in pyramids (yes, I know, madness)
· Sunset-hike in the beautiful rice paddies.
· Wearing traditional Balinese clothing and getting a blessing by a high priestess…
· Swimming and picnicking near a stunning waterfall…

… and a lot more awesomeness.



Take the most amazing shortcut from social anxiety to social confidence that exists!


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