Create Incredible Emotional Control

Learn To Tap Like A Pro For
Rapid Social Anxiety Relief
(in 30 days or less)


Meet ‘Mary’.

She’s a fictional lady, but a feisty one. Mary suffers from social anxiety. Badly. And has for years. In fact, she’s been anxious for a long as she can remember.

When she’s in a social situation, her heart races. Her mind starts to blank. Her chest and stomach get tight and often she has this lump in her throat.

Of course, this makes it impossible to socialize. She comes off socially inept.

She feels awkward. Uncool. inferior to people who socialize easily. 

She believes there's something wrong with her. That she doesn't fit in. That she is weird and different.

Her social anxiety is consuming her life. 

When she wakes up, she’s worried about who she’ll run into that day. Or how she’ll manage dealing with this difficult person.

She’s afraid people will see her anxious. And judge her for it.

If there’s anything she’s afraid of, it’s that: people’s negative judgment.

She needs to look good and avoid looking bad socially.

And so she filters the way she comes across. She's constantly trying to get everyone’s approval, love, and acceptance.

She tries hard to do all the “right things”. And works to avoid doing any of the “wrong things”.

Because God forbid, she doesn’t want to risk disapproval, rejection, ridicule. Or being seen as weird or different.

Because of this mask that she has on socially she feels inauthentic.

And socializing is exhausting.

And after yet another horrible social experience, she beats herself up mercilessly.

She hates who she is when she feels anxious.

She feels like a loser.

She’s ashamed of herself and where she is in life.

She knows she has all this potential, but it can’t come out because of this frustrating social anxiety.

And Mary -age 25 now- has concluded she won't grow out of it.

Her social anxiety won't go away by itself. 

She's tortured by worries about her future (career, reputation, relationships...)

And she feels really STUCK.

There's nothing she wants more than to just fit in with a group of people she enjoys spending time with. 

But it's all so difficult for her. 

She knows logically her fears don't make sense...

... but that doesn't stop them from ruling her life. 

She feels out of control emotionally.

Now Mary found my Social Anxiety Solutions online a long time ago.

She watched a video on Youtube.

Initially, she was skeptical.

Especially when she heard me talk about tapping.

She was very skeptical.

"How can tapping on your face and body possibly make you socially confident?!"

But good on Mary; she actually tries it.

And -no surprise here- she taps and feels calmer after. She’s a tiny bit less worried. Feels a little less awkward. A little more at ease with herself.


The change in her feelings is undeniable. She starts feeling somewhat hopeful…

“Maybe I really can beat my social anxiety!”

So she taps more. And more. And more.

But soon, she runs into trouble.

Before a social situation, she gets SUPER ANXIOUS.

And she doesn’t know how to calm herself down…

When she feels anxious in the moment, she has no strategy for what to do.

And afterwards when she’s beating herself up, she can keep doing that for a loooooong time.

On top of that:

  • She only has temporary results (her anxiety keeps coming back to bite her in the ass)
  • She isn't sure she’s ‘doing it right’
  • She doesn’t know the right words to say 
  • She doesn't know ‘what to tap on’
  • She is clueless about how to tap in the right way


  • She often gets stuck and can’t release a painful feeling or limiting belief 
  • She procrastinates and experiences other forms of subconscious resistance
  • She feels overwhelmed at the big task of beating her SA
  • She loses her motivation
  • She feels STUCK

So she stops tapping and…

… still feels anxious around others.

And worse, she now starts losing hope… 

“Maybe this tapping thing doesn’t work for me… :*-( “

Unfortunately, this happens when you only know the basics. 

Only knowing the basics is not enough to get rid of your social anxiety. 

You’ll be able to have some success with the basics alone, but social anxiety a complex issue. 

It takes more than knowing the basics to become socially confident.


The Wrong Tapping Approach
Keeps Your Social Anxiety
Locked in Place

To beat your social anxiety, feel calm and at ease socially, and enjoy connecting with others…

… requires a lot more than some basic tapping.

Now if Mary would not go any further than the basics, she would likely give up on ever achieving social confidence.

She’d start to rationalize:

“Maybe I just had a good day when I experienced that shift. Tapping only gets temporary results. It’s just a relaxation tool. I'm probably a tough case and nothing works for me anyway… “

She might still tap every now and then, but only in emergency situations.

She no longer uses it to actually overcome her social anxiety.

She gives up on the possibility of just feeling normal, comfortable, at ease, and self-confident.

She sighs “… it sounded too good to be true anyway.”

She now can at best can manage her life it a bit better, so it sucks just a little less…

She almost resigns to living with social anxiety for the rest of her life…


Can you relate to Mary's experience?

If so, I have good news for you.

I had all the problems Mary had when I first found out about tapping. 

At first I thought “yeah right, this can’t be for real, must be some scam, too good to be true”

But after posting on one of the forums and getting tons of replies of people raving about its effectiveness 
("life-changing", "worked where nothing else did", "I overcame my lifelong phobia", "I overcame my trauma", "my PTSD is gone completely", etc.) ...

... I decided to find out for myself. 

I read the free EFT manual online which gave me the basics. I thought that was enough. 

I knew the mechanics of tapping. Set up phrase. Focus on the problem. Do the tapping… 


All I needed to know, I thought.  

I wondered why anyone would ever go see an EFT practitioner. What a waste of money when this technique is so simple!

Well, was I ever wrong…

I tried and tried with the basics, but I only got minor results. And I kept thinking

“this can’t be it, right? Where are these profound lasting changes in MY life?”

I had many problems with tapping…  

  • I often got stuck and couldn’t release an emotion, no matter how hard I tried.

  • I couldn’t find any memories to tap on, and didn’t know what were the right ones. 

  • I tried tapping on my symptoms, but I only got minor relief. And it was temporary.

  • Which was disheartening and made me lose hope…

  • I didn’t know the right words to say. 

  • I was searching for tap-alongs, hoping there was this one magical tap-along that would solve me issue…

  • I felt overwhelmed. I didn’t know how to apply it to social anxiety. 

And most of all, my anxiety still sucked just as much after all my tapping!

Which led to this big fear that I’d never overcome it. And that I’d have to LIVE WITH MY SOCIAL ANXIETY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE

When thinking of the future with all its inevitable challenges I realized it would only get worse. 

I was horrified that I wouldn’t be able to hide it anymore. I panicked when thinking about my reputation. And it was beyond depressing to consider what this would do for my love life. 

I saw a bleak future full of fear, insecurity and shame. 

I had seen much evidence that tapping worked for so many people.

But no one had ever used it for social anxiety... 

What if it doesn’t work for that?

I saw tapping as my last resort. If tapping didn’t work, I’d have a BIG problem. 

So I kept going. 

I did lose my motivation over and over, due to lack of results. But the pain of my suffering (every time I got triggered badly…) kept me going. 

I simply felt I had no other option. 


All the other stuff I tried (changing thoughts, facing fears, NLP, Hypnosis, -any self help technique known to man-) did nothing for me.

After 6 months of trying in vain, studying Gary Craig’s advanced training DVD’s, and reading all I could online, I buckled:

I decided to get help. 

The EFT expert I called suggested I came to his workshop (actually, I went to two in a row).

At the workshop I learned how to tap. 

And this is when everything changed for me.

The Zen of Tapping

Thanks to working with the workshop leader, I experienced a real shift. 

When the workshop leader guided my tapping we hit gold.

As I was talking about my lack of sex and dating success in front of everyone I felt massively shamed, humiliated and embarrassed. 

And when Ben -the name of the workshop leader- instructed me to start tapping as I felt that, something amazing happened…

… the bad feelings started to release. 


In minutes I felt totally at peace about that. 

No shame. No embarrassment. No humiliated feelings. 

I felt totally comfortable, and a deep soothing sense of peace had replaced it. 

It finally worked!

Now I got these results because Ben knew how to tap in the right way. He knew what questions to ask to focus me in on the right targets. And his expert tapping knowledge did the rest. 

Which is really a lot of what effective tapping is all about: 

Knowing how to tune in and tap on the right targets in the right way.

That’s when you experience real lasting relief. Quickly.

Anyway, from that moment I decided to become really good at this tapping thing. And to use it to overcome my own social anxiety, and then help others to do the same. 

I studied various forms of EFT training. Studied the best EFT Tapping Masters and top therapists. I copied what they were doing as best as I could and applied it to myself and my socially anxious clients.

I took specialty tapping workshops all over the world. 

Unites States. 
Czech republic. 
Hong Kong… 

I studied psychology. I studied the work of other social anxiety experts, I geeked out on social anxiety research, read books on it, studied personal development and success principles…

In 2008 I created and in October 2009 I started coaching socially phobic clients.

I got supervision from the best therapists and coaches I could find. I devoured their teaching and applied it to my clients.

I eventually rid myself of my own social anxiety completely, and was able to replicate these results with my anxious clients.

I’ve now been tapping for 13 or 14 years. And for nearly 10 years I’ve been coaching socially anxious clients, logging about 5000 coaching hours.

As a result of this I get consistent results with tapping.

And I’m especially skilled at applying it to overcome social anxiety. 

This is my expertise. 

You’d be an expert at this too, if you had spent that much time, money, effort, and energy in it.

But what if you could learn the best of what I learned in over a decade in less than 30 days?

That is possible now.

Because I’ve combined the best of my knowledge and put this into this NEW, kickass program:

'Create Incredible Emotional Control'
And Learn To Tap Like A Pro For
Lasting Social Anxiety Relief
(in 30 days or less)


What is it EXACTLY?

It is an online course that does two things:

1. Turns you into a tapping pro in 30 days or less so you can create incredible emotional control
2. Gives you a step-by-step SIMPLE action plan to rapidly reduce your social anxiety


Get Started Now

Here’s what you get:


4 hours of video instruction (+ transcripts and summaries) on how to tap like a PRO. So you never get stuck anymore and you can create lasting change in your life.

Live Coaching Sessions (replays)

Watch how I use tapping to help release Nathan and Mahsa's social anxiety. You'll be able to relate to their issues. You'll learn how to apply the techniques you've learned. You'll feel inspired to release your own SA. And best of all all: You reduce your own social anxiety just by watching and tapping along.

ANY Limiting Belief

Step by step instructions to get rid of ANY negative or limiting belief (i.e. "I’m not good enough”). So your subconscious doesn't see danger where there is none. And you can feel safe socially.  

ANY Negative Emotion

Neutralize shame, insecurity, fear, anxiety, guilt, hurt, etc. with these simple steps. Release your bad feelings easily and effectively and unlock your confidence.

Acceptance = Success Package

Accepting yourself and your anxiety is a precondition for lasting change. These simple tapping strategies help you gain acceptance. This is the antidote to getting stuck.

Crushing Anticipatory Anxiety Package

Tap-along with me on screen to release your fear of upcoming social experiences. And learn the 5-step approach to banish the fear of becoming anxious (and others seeing it). Stop worrying and start living. 

Tapping Mastery

4 hours of video instruction (+ transcripts and summaries) on how to tap like a pro. 

And this isn’t like a normal tapping training: This is specifically created to help social anxiety suffers.

You’ll learn from the many examples I use from former social anxiety clients. You’ll be able to relate to this (‘wow I feel I exactly the same”) and you’ll realize you’re not alone.

You’ll be motivated and inspired throughout so you’ll actually finish the course (97% of my Social Confidence Community members finished the course - unheard of, industry standard is around 20% only) …

… and thanks to the easy, small digestible chunks with specific actions steps you’ll rapidly master this.

In just 4 hours you’ll know exactly what to say, what to do, and how to do it. You'll stop doubting yourself and feel confident about your tapping abilities.

Ready to get UN-STUCK? Here's how you'll take control of your own emotional world.


How To Neutralize ANY Negative Emotion

Have you ever tapped and the emotion just wouldn’t release?

Of course you have.

Well there is a reason (three actually) for why that happens.

When you apply the simple solutions I share here you can calm yourself down easily and quickly. You’ll know exactly what to do when “an emotion gets stuck” so you are no longer a victim to how you feel.

Imagine actually neutralizing your shame, insecurity, fear, anxiety, guilt, hurt etc

Quickly stop feeling bad. And actually be in charge of your emotions.


How To Destroy Any Limiting Belief

Get ready to destroy ANY negative or limiting belief you have.

Beliefs like… 


  • “I’m not good enough”
  • ”people don’t like me” 
  • “I have to perfect to be accepted”
  • “I can’t overcome my social anxiety” 
  • “There’s something wrong with me”

… you can neutralize step-by-step. It’s easy once you know how to do it. 

Here you learn exactly how to do it. 

Limiting beliefs are responsible for the perception of danger. Perception of danger activates the FFF (Fight, Flight, Freeze) response. Which leads to social anxiety. 

No perception of threat = no FFF activation = NO ANXIETY

Enough said.


Live Coaching Sessions (replays) With Social Anxiety Sufferers

Watch replays of live video webinars I did with social anxiety sufferers.

You don't find this anywhere in the world.

See me apply the tapping to Nathan’s social anxiety issues. And observe how he goes from anxious to calm and at ease.

Observe Mahsa release deep, long-held childhood baggage. See her make a profound transformation right in front of your eyes.

In short, see me put in action what I taught you in the Tapping Mastery course. 

Now it's obvious for you what to do. 

Not only that, you’ll also be able to relate to their issues (and conclude you’re not the only one who suffers, which builds self-compassion). 

You’ll see how their fear, insecurity and shame easily gets shifted and changed around.

Which leaves you feeling empowered to take control of your own social anxiety. 

You see them transform on screen and you go “oh this is easy I can do that too” and you feel inspired to do it yourself. 

But best of all...

You will simply tap along with them on screen. And while the root causes of your SA are different...

... how it manifests itself is very similar.

And because you can relate to their issues your subconscious "connects the dots" and YOU gain massive relief too (see testimonial section at bottom of this page). 


Acceptance = Success Package 

You’ve learned a bunch of kickass tapping skills. And you’ll now use them to start the journey to accepting your current social anxiety problem, accepting yourself while dealing with it, and accepting how limited your life is as a result of our social anxiety.

“Wait, what?!

Accepting my social anxiety? I want to get rid of it!”

I hear you.

But the simple truth is that any change starts with acceptance first. 

In fact, first achieving acceptance is... 

... The 'Secret' to Overcoming Any Problem

Your resisting of your social anxiety problem actually keeps a lid on the problem.

This is a truth that doesn’t make sense to the logical mind. But as the famous psychologist Carl Jung said:

“what you resist persists”.

And what you accept you gain power over.

So if you don’t achieve acceptance, if you continue to resist what is, you’ll continue to struggle.

If you accept your social anxiety however, things will start to change.

Acceptance is in fact a pre-condition for lasting change.

But not accepting your social anxiety is what everyone does.

Of course, it sucks. It limits you. It consumes your thinking. You obsess over it. You fear it. It holds you back from living your potential. It messes up your relationships, and it feels like you can’t fully live life while you’re dealing with it. And so on.

In short: it’s pure torture.

I get it.

So of course, you don’t initially accept your social anxiety.

And if you’re anything like my coaching clients, you also judge yourself for having it.

This is a common emotional response.

And yet it is one that prevents you from resolving your anxiety!

It makes you suffer even more...

If you were to go into a social situation and you’d “only” experience social anxiety then this would already be difficult.

But now you go into one and you not only experience social anxiety... 

... you also experience all sorts of negative emotions about having it.

Plus, you also judge yourself for it!

And you’re likely afraid of feeling anxious too!

And this makes your situation MUCH WORSE. 

You might be judging yourself for all sorts of nasty things, like:

  • I’m boring
  • I’m a loser
  • I’m weak
  • Etc

And have you ever left a social event and started beating yourself up about what happened?

Ever felt ashamed for having social anxiety?

Ever feared you’ll have it forever?

Ever felt frustrated that nothing works to overcome it?

Or have you ever felt hopeless about your future because of it?

All these negative feelings and judgments add to your social anxiety problem.

You now don’t “just” have your social anxiety to deal with -which is tough enough itself- …

... but you now also have the negative emotions and self-judgments on top of it!

And this keeps you totally stuck.

It puts a lid on your social anxiety problem.

Here's the cold hard truth:

If you don't accept yourself because of your social anxiety and you feel ashamed of it...

... you ALWAYS have something to hide.

This makes your anxiety worse.

In fact, most people who have been anxious for a while already deal with this problem.

Their subconscious has recorded their social anxiety symptoms themselves as part of the danger. 

This is likely true for you as well.

When your subconscious began to sense danger and you reacted with your heart starting to race, a tightness in your chest, a sinking feeling in your stomach, and so on...

... and this happened over and over again... 

... your subconscious eventually labeled these physical reactions as part of the danger.

As a result, the anxiety symptoms themselves have become a trigger for a stronger fight, flight, freeze response.

And you now have become scared of becoming anxious.

The moment you notice the slightest social anxiety symptom this triggers an even stronger fight, flight, freeze response.

And you get even more anxious.

This negative cycle keeps you stuck forever.

What we want to do is to break the cycle. And we do this with acceptance.

Acceptance is the antidote.

And we get there using tapping.

And luckily, just by achieving acceptance alone...

... your social anxiety reduces significantly.

Just doing this step alone makes a big difference in your social anxiety.

It sticks around less long when you get triggered.

You won’t beat yourself up anymore like you’re used to.

You have higher self esteem. 

And by achieving acceptance you’ll have more peace of mind, worry less about what others think of you, feel more optimism, and you actually have a lot more emotional control.

How you achieve this acceptance?

By using these resources:

  • Never before released interview with a fellow acceptance expert, on the power and how-to of accepting your Social Anxiety. This helps to make your transformation A LOT easier.

  • A powerful tap-along to change your relationship with your anxiety so it goes away faster.

  • Deepening your acceptance tap along’. So you feel more at ease with your problem and yourself. So you feel better about yourself and less bad about your social anxiety.

  • Acceptance tapping strategy. So you have an effective strategy for when anxiety shows up for you so you can systematically reduce your social anxiety. 

  • Stop beating yourself up protocol. So that you can end the beating yourself up and self-torture that makes you feel horrible. So the critical inner voice quiets down and you feel more compassion towards yourself. And this boost your self esteem increases your social ease.


Crushing Anticipatory Anxiety Package

Stop worrying about getting anxious!

What would it be like if you’re no longer worrying about upcoming social events?

This package helps you stop the worry. 

Tap-along to neutralize anticipatory anxiety

So you can sit down before a social event, start the video, and simply tap away your anticipatory anxiety. So you won’t be thinking of this upcoming social event that you dread every waking second of your day. 

No more sleepless nights fretting about this dreaded event or experience. Now you can live in the present and enjoy your life.


5-Step Anticipatory Anxiety Crusher

When you know the ingredients to make a cake, making a cake becomes easy. This is the 5-step recipe to get rid of your fear of becoming anxious. 

Now you know exactly how to clear anticipatory anxiety on your own. Which puts you in control. 

You can get rid of anxiety about an upcoming event quickly and feel at peace in the present.

Break Free From Worrying Protocol 

Imagine being able to press a button to stop the tapes running in your head. 

Well, it’s not quite as that, but it’s the closest thing to it. 

I suffered from worry pretty much my whole life, and finally I found a solution. I’ve turned that into an effective formula to knock worrying on the head. 

It’s Accept-Verbalize-Ridicule-Challenge-Choose 

With this protocol you get rid of the all-consuming worry that plagues your mind the whole day. Stop the worrying about this, that, and the other, robbing you of your joy. 

No more anticipating the worst, and instead feeling calm and safe.


Sabotage Your Social Fears (video presentation)

Got any of these fears:

  • Fear of rejection 
  • Fear of embarrassing yourself 
  • Fear of running out of things to say
  • Fear of being laughed at 
  • Fear of being ridiculed 
  • Fear of looking foolish 
  • Fear of meetings
  • Fear of looking anxious (and others seeing it)

Or these… 

  • Fear of negative judgment 
  • Fear of being criticized 
  • Fear of being attacked 
  • Fear of being the center of attention
  • Fear of getting into trouble 
  • Fear of making mistakes
  • Fear of not being good enough
  • Fear of conflict

Then this video tells you EXACTLY HOW TO GET RID OF THEM.


You’re in control of eliminating your social fears one by one.

With each fear you release you build your social confidence. 

Special Bonus:

3-Step Formula To Transform
Your Social Anxiety Triggers
Into Rock-Solid Social Confidence

(50min video presentation + transcript + summary)


Something triggers your social anxiety.


But what if you could use that trigger to decrease your social anxiety?

It’s a bit like the martial arts ‘Aikido’, where you use the momentum of the opponent attacking you and you redirect it to win the fight.

Your social anxiety is attacking you, and you use the attack to your benefit.

Getting triggered with social anxiety now becomes an opportunity to empower yourself.


Because with this powerful formula you use the trigger itself to decrease your social anxiety.

Each time you get triggered you use this formula to uncover the trigger and release it. 

So you systematically transform your triggers into rock-solid social confidence.

Now YOU are in control.

As my coach would say, “YOU are now the one driving the bus”.

The 'Secret' to Crushing Your Social Anxiety Problem

Are you like Mary?

This program is what I’d give to Mary. Or my sister for that matter (if she had social anxiety). 

And I’d tell her to spend 30min a day on it.

Let's walk through what could happen.

Mary starts…

She feels excited about discovering about her inner world.

She can’t wait to gain this emotional control. She’s a bit worried though…

“what if I don’t finish the course?”

She’s bought courses in the past and didn’t finish them. They’re somewhere on her hard drive… 

Anyway, the 97% completion rate I told her about reassured her, and she gets going.

And to her surprise she not only continues the tapping course, her motivation actually increases.

She says: 

“It’s easy to understand and I love learning about how my mind and emotions work. It’s insightful to know why I got stuck in the past. I’ve had so many aha-moments!

I feel empowered now that I learned the simple solutions. I won’t get stuck anymore! 

It’s also interesting to hear the examples from other people who overcame their social anxiety.
I can relate to their issues which is reassuring.

Plus, I have these little exercises I complete and I feel that I’m actually getting a handle on this. 

And the one time I felt low on motivation I used the tap-along and it instantly felt excited again.
I now not only know I can do this, I actually AM doing this.”


After 3-4 weeks I check in with her to see how she’s doing. 

Mary is excited! She said she initially had thought:

“it will be hard to do this tapping…”

… but she tells me that the instructions were so dead simple she thought a 12 year old could follow them 

She also liked the animations. And she compliments me that they are funny and make things crystal clear. 

She says:

Taking the tapping action is literally as easy as following the recipe that was laid out for me.

Step 1, step 2, step 3. 

She goes on to say that here worry that... 

“it won’t work for me…”

is gone!

When I ask her why she thinks that is, Mary answers:

"Because of two reasons.

First of all, I tapped on the worry itself. And second of all…

“I am already seeing a reduction in my social anxiety!”

I feel less anxious. I have more emotional control. I don’t beat myself up like I used to. I feel better about myself.

I am calmer and more comfortable socially. 


I tell her these are common results after 3-4 weeks of tapping in the right way (see testimonials bottom of the page).

I congratulate her, and tell her I’m happy for her. 

I say to Mary: 

Use 'Create Incredible Emotional Control' and:

  • You become an expert at tapping and you feel a lot more in control of your emotions.

  • You create an empowered mindset so you can overcome your social anxiety

  • You start decreasing your overall social anxiety

  • You accept your anxiety and yourself - a prerequisite for change

  • Your social anxiety stays around for less long

  • You beat yourself up less frequently and for shorter periods of time, until it stops completely

  • You feel less bad about your social anxiety problem and better about herself 


  • Your self esteem and self worth gets a boost

  • Your worrying about upcoming social situations decreases

  • You starts healing your past so you stops re-living it. You therefore no longer get triggered by past experiences. Now you stay present and connected, whereas before you felt anxious, insecure, awkward or inferior (often for no good reason)

  • You use your trigger experiences as healing opportunities. You therefore keep decreasing your remaining social anxiety.

  • Step-by-step you experience a deepening social ease

  • You feel more and more comfortable around others

  • You feel ‘normal’ more and more often and feel a sense of belonging

  • You have lasting, permanent results

  • Your social anxiety isn’t holding you back in life anymore

  • You face life with confidence because you know she can handle anything it throws at you 

  • You enjoy being around others, laughing, having fun, and just being yourself 

What if this is possible for you too?

Look - this program is VERY DIFFERENT from CBT and exposure therapy.

Forcefully facing your fears is not necessary.  

The idea behind forcing yourself to facing your fears progressively is to teach yourself you can handle the anxious symptoms. And that you can handle any disapproval from others. 

Solid concepts.

By coming up with real world evidence that socializing ain't that bad, you start to build up more of a sense of safety. 

The problem is that it is HORRIFYING to do. 

Another problem is that it only lessen social anxiety. 

And that it does this for only about 50-60% of people. 

for 40-50% it doesn't work at all..

And, the people it does work for, only make progress. 

SO THEY'RE STILL ANXIOUS, just less. And they think better about it. 

This program uses tapping to GET RID OF THE ROOTS OF YOUR FEARS (and it improves your thinking too). 

See, your limiting beliefs and social fears are learned.

They were learned through repetitive negative experiences,  programming, and Significant Emotional Experiences.

And with tapping we can RELEASE this.

In doing so we release the origins of your fears and beliefs. 

That will dissolve them.

When the fears and beliefs that form the perception of threat socially have been released, your social anxiety is gone. 

As in there is NONE.

Now this won't happen overnight. If you've been suffering for a long time this is not realistic.

But, you can expect a progressive reduction of your social anxiety when you follow the simple exercises in this program. 

Forcefully facing your fears is horrifying to do. This is not like that at all.

You do face your fears, but you face them INTERNALLY.

So you get permanent results (as you can hear from the video testimonials at the bottom of this page).

This is all about gentle transformation from the inside out. 

Imagine being yourself socially, freely speaking your mind, connecting with others effortlessly…

… what would it be like to fit in, be normal, have satisfying relationships with people and feel at ease, calm and enjoy social interaction

Are you interested in getting results like Mary?

Then this program is for you.

So what's the deal?

A Ridiculously Economical Offer

You’re probably wondering how much it is. 

And I like to make a comparison, so you understand the value. 

A 1 on 1 online coaching session with me over Skype $250 (in person is $335/hr). That’s 90min. 

The content in this course is over least 10 hours worth of some of my BEST tactics, techniques and strategies. Plus you get to sit in and tap along with two life-transforming webinars I did with socially anxious clients. 

In value that would be at least $1665 (and I don't teach in private sessions much of what I do teach you in this program). 

And you get it all for just $129.

And to make it totally risk-free for you:


I know it’s hard to believe that something can actually work to overcome your social anxiety.

Therefore I want you to be able to use ‘Create Incredible Emotional Control’ RISK-FREE.

Use the program for a full 60 days and if at any point within these 60 days you decide that the course isn’t right for you, for any reason, all you have to do is email me for a refund.

The refund process is straightforward and easy.

No tricks.

I will instantly give you a full refund.

No questions and no hassles.

I only want you to pay if you indeed get the results.

So to process a refund, all it takes is an email sent to me.

You literally have nothing to risk.


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Because this is a NEW PROGRAM I can only show a few testimonials.

BUT - I add to these several testimonials from both my former coaching clients, people who have bought my other products, and nice words said from my mentor.

"Thank you so much for posting this and to Mahsa for being so brave. I have had a massive improvement recently in my SA and I believe it is most likely down to tapping along to this session. The causes of my SA are very different as expected but I think this cleared a lot of resistance for me. There's still improvement to be made but I am so so grateful."

(she watched Mahsa's live webinar replay, which is inside the program)

Former client Zizou shares how
we got rid of 90% of her social anxiety

""I'm broken" -- wow, that one really smacked me upside the head! Didn't expect my reaction when I said that out loud. Definite 10! Thanks to the continual tapping it only lasted for a few minutes. Really good session. Thanks!"

(she watched Nathan's live webinar replay, which is inside the program)

Former client went from Socially Anxious
To Confident Business Owner

"Hi, This was actually a very emotional video for me to watch. Not because my root cause of my social anxiety is the same as Mahsa's but because I could relate to the emotional pain she was experiencing. I cried several times watching this video and tapping along with it because I felt a lot of sadness during the session. It somehow opened up a lot of emotional pain that I have stored in my body. At the same time I also felt relief as the session progressed, as though I was able to let go of some of my pain. It was very helpful. Thank you to both Mahsa for being so brave and to Sebastiaan for being an amazing therapist."

(she watched Mahsa's live webinar replay, which is inside the program)

Short Client Testimonials From
4 Former Coaching Clients

"Firstly, thankyou Mahsa for being brave enough to go through with the live session! It really helped me too & although my childhood experiences were different to yours I could totally relate to the feelings of sadness, despair etc that comes with social anxiety. I was also moved to tears (which is very rare for me!) a couple of times while tapping & felt some relief also. Thank you also Sebastiaan for providing these sessions, they are fantastic!"

(he watched Mahsa's live webinar replay, which is inside the program)

"First of all, congratulations with your program. It helps me step by step. I more and more frequently feel relaxed in social situations ? I no longer look up to “popular” people like I used to. That was my main problem. That feels completely resolved."

(he used my old program the Social Confidence System - not for sale)

"First let me bullet the things that change for me ever since we started this journey to social confidence in the community, one month ago: I now have acceptance of social anxiety and how I look/come across. I accept anxious feelings (turning red, nervous, looking away etc). And I'm also less anxious at work. More confident in my skills. More open with people (like being less afraid of what they think about what i say). I'm less afraid of talking in groups (still some anxiety of being the center of attention). I'm less avoiding social situations (sometimes even the feeling of excited to meet new people, which would normally worry me a lot). Less afraid of giving my opinion. Less afraid of talk to the "popular" people. Less worry of people thinking i'm quiet. (and also gets less because i'm getting more talky). Less afraid of getting made fun of. The fear of getting anxious in an upcoming social situation has reduced ALOT! Feels like I've come a long away already."

(he reports on his progress after 1 month of being in the Social Confidence Community - currently closed for registration)

"I am a psychotherapist and counsellor who trained originally as a medical doctor in 1974; I have been in private practice as a clinician therapist and supervisor since 1990. As well, with my colleague Steve Wells, I have helped advance the use in modern psychology of meridian stimulation techniques (“tapping”) since 1998. I encountered Sebastiaan in April, 2014, when he asked me, and colleagues from around the world, to help some of the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda—utilizing modern ‘tapping’ techniques to alleviate post-traumatic stress problems. Subsequently he went further with his personal training and supervision, which we have continued. It has been a privilege to witness the breadth of his vision for helping people, and his honest and receptive nature. I consider his understanding of social phobia to be unique. It’s both personal and professional. It’s utterly practical. He is someone who has actually done all the things you (the sufferer) might be contemplating doing. He has been willing to receive help and change his life for the better. He has experienced the ups and downs of personal growth and therefore speaks as one who knows. I have observed his process often. Now he has made a way for others to follow his path. Sebastiaan has gone to the logical next level of organizing a product to make it simpler for the person willing to change. This is the kind of program that has available all the content, balance and open-minded thinking that someone with no training needs to get going on the path to recovery. My favorite parts of the program are too many to list; the most important thing to me is that all of it has been extensively ‘road-tested’ in a clinical sense. Everything in there is relevant and practical. It is not overly academic (although based on firm ground scientifically). It is easy to understand. He has discovered and included the intense benefits of ‘tapping’. I have only ever been professionally interested in therapeutic techniques that work very well and ideally are easy to learn and do. Tapping, in my opinion, qualifies at the top of the tree in these respects. It is an emotional-processing technique (based on the body’s meridian system) that is powerful and effective. Yes, it looks strange at first. But, it is spreading worldwide in many forms only because of the compelling results! I have closely observed the content. It’s obvious to me that he’s chosen the best strategies, using techniques that actually work! All guided by his special understanding. This is a tremendous combination. There is clarity and simplicity. His program now—because of tremendous effort on his part—is accessible to all. I am very pleased to continue my association with Sebastiaan because it means that in the future I will indirectly be helping as many people as he is going to. Surely this must be the aim of the helping professions."

Dr. David Lake
Psychotherapist and medical practitioner, co-developer of SET (Simple Energy Techniques) and PET (Provocative Energy Techniques)

"Ive been reflecting on my journey, this would have to be the single best course Ive ever taken, and Ive taken alot. My life is so much better now, working on social anxiety has snowballed into other areas of my life, I was pretty paralysed when I started, was frozen even talking to people on the phone and at the front door. Now Im driving, bought the car myself, I deal with daily life by myself, I dont have to have back up or protection, I go into shops by myself, ask for assistance, chat with people, have a genuine interest, not rushing in and out. I deal with situations that once would have terrified me (I used to deal with lots of situations when my kids were small). I deal with authority alot more now, I ask people about themselves, Im happy to talk about myself as well. My internal life is certainly very different now. Im ever so grateful to you Seb, for following your passion, and helping me when I thought what I had to deal with was insurmountable."

(she reports on his progress after 8 months of being in the Social Confidence Community - currently closed for registration)

"The thing that gave me the a huge boost happened last Friday at work. I had to to a presentation in front of the management team, showing my ambitions, my achievements so far and so on. Firstly, normally i would be anxious as **** thinking of the idea i had to give a presentation to them. But i wasn't. I was well prepared and i know them all well enough, so i shouldn't be bothered right. Exactly the thought of a confident person and the way it should be. Minutes before the my time to shine i did got anxious, just a stomach, but finger tapping actually helped with that and as soon as i had to present the anxiety dropped. I knew what to talk about. Yes, i was still worried how i come across. How im standing, how im holding my hands, if they see my anxiety, but got less and less the further i got in. And ended up doing a damn good presentation! Even better, they though i did a great presentation! And all this worry about not being able to answer there questions, no worries at all during. The even better feedback that one of my managers told me is that i've grown a lot for the last couple of months. Noticing from being the quiet one to being more open with people, making fun with colleagues and so on. Made me feel so damn good. I always worried about if they would still like me if i were confident. A worry that completely dropped of my shoulders now. I just love the idea that if people notice a good change in you that it gives you a huge boost in that that it works so well, staying persistent and i can actually be social anxiety free! "

(he reports on his progress after 2-3 months of being in the Social Confidence Community - currently closed for registration)

"I’m so happy and grateful for having found this program and for the first time in my life, being apple to make EFT work for real. I’ve been able to remove a strong anxiety feeling in my solar plexus with only one round of tapping! It’s such a step through for me. So many times in the past I’ve tried to work with my heavy emotions and only manage to change it a few times out of many times trying. So actually being able to remove the same feeling so quickly is SO amazing! And with all this gratitude and happiness bursting through me, I wanted to send some of it your way for being so brave to make this program and stand forth to help other dealing with the same problem. What a treat for the world! Thank you so very much"

(she used my old program the Social Confidence System - not for sale)

Frequently Asked Questions

The free tapping you learn online is generalized and aimed at ANY problem. It is not specific to your social anxiety problem.

And social anxiety isn’t just any problem.

When I work with a friend on a non-social-anxiety related issue, I’m usually resolving their issue in a single session…

… because most problems they have are very simple.

Social anxiety is a lot more complex.
The least sessions I have with a social anxiety sufferer is 3 in order to resolve their social anxiety. And this happens only in 35% of the cases.

And this is because there are multiple layers to the problem.

The social anxiety is just a symptom of a deeper underlying problem.

There is resistance to letting go if it. Non-Acceptance keeps it in place. Self-judgment keeps it in place. It is connected to people’s identity. And it is often a problem people have dealt with for many, many years.

So this requires a more specific application.

This program is designed for people suffering from social anxiety.

Client examples are from socially anxious clients so you can relate. There is a replay of a live webinar with a social anxiety sufferer. And it is based on only the best techniques and strategies that work for people with social anxiety over and over.

This is designed specifically to overcome your unique issue.

Awkward exposures are not necessary. This is not CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) where you push yourself to face your fears.


When you experience excessive fear it is there for a reason:

You LEARNED that fear.

If you are afraid of rejection or disapproval, you learned that somewhere.

Perhaps your mom or dad was critical, or they had high expectations. Or perhaps you were bullied. Or perhaps you were harshly treated by a teacher. Or maybe…

These are just some of the hundreds of possible examples. I only share these to illustrate that SOMETHING has caused you to start fearing rejection, disapproval, or whatever it is that you’re afraid of.

If you don’t know what it is, that’s common. The program helps you uncover and release it.

See, we’re born with only two fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.

The rest is all learned through life’s repetitive negative experiences and life’s (mini) traumas.

By tapping in the right way we can heal the past and clear the fear.

The “Sabotage Your Social Fears” presentation guides you through this process step-by-step. So you can clear your fear and feel calm and confident where you formerly felt fear.

About 15% of this program is to be found in the SCS already. The remaining 85% is a spectacular addition to the SCS. It helps you become a much better tapper, understand everything on a much deeper level, and therefore: get even better and deeper results.

No need; you already own 95% of all of this. The tapping and acceptance section was part of module #1. The other exercises you have received at different points in the past modules. If there is something in particular you would like to have instant access to, email me and I’ll send it over for free.

The short answer is no.

And I say no because all you’re doing is you’re sitting in the comfort of your home, watching a slideshow/animated presentation, doing some simple tapping.

That is NOT difficult.

The longer answer is that it’s not all smooth sailing. Change is an up-and down journey and sometimes “doing simple tapping” can feel like hard work.

And in these moments it’s easier to put your TV on and ignore your problems.

But my guess is that you won’t do that…

Why not?

Because you have learned what “it feels like hard work” means.

It means you’re dealing with subconscious resistance: Some part of you doesn’t want change.

And the heavy feeling is an indication that this is going on.

GOOD NEWS: You will know exactly what to do to release that resistance!

So you aim your tapping at the resistance and you neutralize it.

After now this the heavy feeling is gone. Tapping no longer feels like hard work. Now it is simply an exercise you feel optimistic about doing because it makes your social anxiety problem smaller.

It’s not hard, but it requires your effort, energy, and persistence.

I understand. I have an offer for you that suit you better.

This is life changing information with exercises that really release social anxiety.

So how about this:

I can offer you spread payment.

Three payments of $50. One payment right now. The second $50 payment in 60 days from now. And the last $50 payment in 90 days from now.

If you want to jump one this opportunity, click here.

I know that feeling, there’s just so much to do!

And yet, here’s some tough love coaching:

If you want to keep the results (social anxiety) that you’ve always gotten, keep doing what you’ve always done.

Making a change requires doing something different.

If you want to make a change in your life you have to find a way to MAKE time.

If it’s not the right time for you, I get it. But I want to ask you:


Is overcoming your social anxiety a priory for you?

If not, then this program isn’t for you.

If it is a priority however, you SOMEHOW MAKE THE TIME to invest 15-30min/day in yourself.

And then my program helps you release your social anxiety.

I’ve heard this so many times…

And it used to be something I thought myself as well.

My coach replied to me: “what if it’s too good NOT to be true?”

And I just want to let you know that even my coaching clients who pay $250 per session sometimes feel like this. It’s OK. It’s just a feeling.

As long as you take action anyway, you will start getting results. And these results will make the feeling that it’s too good to be true crumble.

And, “it’s too good to be true” often comes from “I don’t deserve happiness” or “I’m not worthy of social ease” or “I can’t see myself that way”.

And these are beliefs which can be tapped on. And they will shift and change.

Truth is: you don’t know if it’s too good to be true.

If you don’t try it, you never know.

AND - you have literally nothing to lose. There’s a 60 day money back guarantee. Prove that voice that says “it’s too good to be true” by taking action and doing the tapping and getting results. You can do this. YOU are in control.

"Going through the steps one by one as instructed. So far, so good. I can tell how much effort you've put into this course Sebastiaan! It flows really well and makes really good sense. Yes it's a lot of information but so far, I don't feel like it is too much. Thanks to the reassurance you provide throughout. Really looking forward to continuing now :)"


"This section, more than any other ones, caused a massive emotional shift. I laughed, I cried, I yawned, and the darkness feeling changed a lot! Cheers :)"


"Wonderfully simple technique! I joined in with your demo Seb and had loads of yawning, my usual release response, and now I've just addressed some shoulder tension and pfft!! Gone! Thank you for another fun and informative video!"


"I cannot wait to try this out for myself! Thank you for this awesome video!"

Sherry C

"Thank you so much for this. Watching and tapping along brought up some of my own emotions, which was therapeutic for me. I feel calmer and more relaxed than I did at the start of this. I'm still at the beginning of my tapping journey, but you've given me hope that it can be overcome. Thank you again."


"Hi Sebastiaan. Thanks for the insight! It is starting to make more and more sense so far. These have been helpful, and I'm slowly coming to grips with accepting my social anxiety. Thanks again for your comprehensive reply! I could really tell that you are deeply committed to helping each of us in the program. I really do appreciate the content and your replies."

Jun Rong

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