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Welcome! It’s Seb, Social Confidence Coach, the host of the podcast show 'Social Anxiety Solutions', and also a former social anxiety sufferer.

I suffered from social anxiety for over a decade.

In social situations, my heart would start to race, I’d get a lump in my throat, feel heat rushing to my face, and I’d be super awkward. Though I, of course, tried to act cool like everything was fine. But the truth was that I felt extremely insecure inside. Especially around cool people. I felt inferior. And around attractive women, I’d freeze up completely.

I worried about what others thought of me, was terrified of blushing -and often did- and got super anxious in anticipation of social events.

I also felt very ashamed of these issues. I thought I was weak. A loser. I cut myself off from others, and often felt very lonely.

I tried to beat my social anxiety forcefully facing my fears, changing my thoughts, and using mainstream approaches.

But it didn’t work. Any confidence I gained didn’t last.

Eventually, I discovered EFT tapping, a scientifically proven to be effective emotional release technique.

And thanks to this technique, the help of some brilliant therapists, and lots of study and persistence… I managed to become completely anxiety-free.

And not just free of anxiety, I feel simply relaxed, comfortable, and at ease socially. I freely speak my mind, effortlessly connect with others, have fun, and I enjoy a satisfying social life.

And this is not unique to me.

In 2009 I started coaching, and I’ve since helped hundreds of clients become socially at ease.

If you’ve followed me on YouTube, or if you’ve checked out the Masterclass, you’ve seen lots of video testimonials already. And if you haven’t, stay until the end of this video and you’ll see them then!

From my own journey, continuous study of the most effective approaches, 600+ hours of coaching and supervision from some of the best psychotherapists and tapping experts in the world, and >5000 hours of coaching socially anxious clients, and continuous tweaking and improving what worked, I’ve created my own approach to overcome social anxiety.

It’s a combination of the best of traditional psychology, and the power of tapping


And this super combination makes it possible to completely overcome your social anxiety.

Now this might still sound almost too good to be true. But there are 102 studies proving EFT’s effectiveness. And EFT meets the criteria for evidence-based treatments, set by the APA (the American Psychological Association) for a number of conditions, including one of the most severe anxiety conditions: PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

But while tapping is proven to be super powerful, getting to social ease is still no walk in the park.

As it turns out, social anxiety is a complex issue. And when you don’t know how to tap on it, you’re going to get lousy results.

At best.

When you don’t overcome the subconscious blind spots we all have, you won’t uproot and release your deepest issues, and you remain stuck.

When you don’t overcome resistance, achieve acceptance, and deactivate your past…

… you’ll likely stay socially anxious for the rest of your life.

However, here’s some great news:


I’ve managed to break this complex issue down into easily digestible chunks. And you can learn how to tap in the right way on the right targets.

And with some powerful support and assistance…

… you can step-by-step overcome your social anxiety.

Once you begin chipping away the layers of social anxiety, you’ll start feeling more and more at ease in social situations.

And as you keep at it you’ll eventually reach the final stage, effortless social ease. And now you feel safe being your true self with others.

Socializing then just feels normal.

You’re naturally speaking your mind. Your natural spontaneity has returned. You connect with others effortlessly. And you enjoy being around others.

Socializing is now nourishing to you. It feels good. It’s fun. It’s satisfying.

As a result, instead of dreading it, you look forward to spending time with others.

You wake up without the worry about whether you’ll get anxious or not. Instead, you look forward to the day. Because you now enjoy a social life with people you really like, who really like you.

And this feels really good. You feel secure. At peace. Free. Liberated. Happy. Because you’re finally able to be yourself.

Now this won’t happen overnight. Though overnight progress is common.


It’s a process. And progress is gradual. It will be a journey of lots of little steps.

I like to call it #TheJourneyToSocialConfidence : a powerful, and extremely rewarding transformation.

And that’s what this video is all about. It’s an introduction to the SC Club, which guides you on that journey. If you’ve done the 30D challenge or have seen the masterclass, that was a slice of the pie. It helped you understand transformation is possible.

Going through the SC Club is having the real experience of transformation. It’s the whole pie.

It’s where you’re taken by the hand, and led to social ease, one step after the next and the next.


The SC Club provides you with a tested and proven plan for releasing social anxiety. One simple step at a time. All you do is follow the steps I’ve carefully laid out for you.

And you don’t have to struggle on your own anymore.


You’ll be part of a kind, caring, non-judgmental community of like-minded people. And you’ll be supported on your journey by our amazing Social Anxiety Solutions team.

In a moment we’ll have a look at the way the Club is set up.

But before I tell you more about it.. I have to warn you. . .


. . .because the Club is only going to be open for 5 days. On the 2nd of March, 23:59PM EST, we close registration. Because we then begin working through the 5 stages to SC together, as a group.

So after the 2nd of March, we close for the rest of the year.

Knowing that full well, let’s have a look inside our club:



Since you’re watching this video, either you’re new to tapping and you want to begin reducing your social anxiety as quickly as possible.

Or you’ve already been tapping for a while and made some progress, but you want to take things to the next level. You want to move to the later stages where you’re really feeling at ease being yourself around others.

Now whatever stage you’re at, the SC Club will significantly speed up your progress. It’s the ultimate shortcut to social confidence.

Inside our Club, you’re being supported and guided. You’re taken by the hand and led, every step of the way.

So you overcome your social anxiety in the most effective, gentle way possible.

The Club consists of 6 key elements:

Foundational Social Confidence Training


Motivation& Empowerment Day every Wednesday


Private Social Confidence Forum


Live Hangout (60mins - Zoom - different timezones) every Friday + Replay


WhatsApp Group Chat Support 


Live Coaching Session (90 mins - Zoom- different timezones) every Sunday + Replay


Let me break each of them down for you:

1. Foundational Social Confidence Training


How do you tap when the intensity isn’t coming down? How do you turn a setback into a breakthrough? How do you clear resistance? How do you eliminate a negative limiting belief?

What counter-intuitive strategies speed up your results?

You’ll learn it all here in this training.

You’ll learn how to tap effectively to reduce and release anxiety, every single time.


2. Weekly Empowerment And Motivation Email - every Wednesday


This empowering email that you receive each Wednesday does two things:

#1. Keeps your motivation high

You’ll become a master at handling your emotions, and managing your own inner psychology.
And you’ll create and maintain a rock-solid winners mindset.

This keeps your motivation high. So you stay energized and hopeful, despite any setbacks.

This is really key because without motivation you’re nowhere.

#2. Provides you with specific tapping action steps to reduce your SA

Tapping is super simple. And you can learn more basic tapping online for free.

But there is no tapping script that will even come close to clearing SA. Knowing how to tap effectively tap to clear social anxiety you simply won’t find online.

Because that’s a whole study in and of itself, one I have dedicated the past 14 years of my life to.

The reality is that you need to learn how to tap effectively on social anxiety. And you need a roadmap. And this is all provided inside the Club and presented to you on a silver platter.

What I’ve done is - I’ve broken up the 5 Stages To Effortless Social Confidence into mini-modules. And it’s easy to learn because it’s broken down into small little baby steps.

These easy exercises improving your confidence and decreasing your anxiety bit by bit.

You will have a structured way of going about tackling your social anxiety issues. A methodology to follow that has a proven track record.

Every Wednesday you’ll receive a practical psychology lesson and a specific tapping exercise.
So that each week you move forward from one stage to the next to the next.

These lessons contain effective strategies to clear your obstacles, challenges, and resistance. You’ll learn what to do when you get stuck. And you bit by bit learn how to tap like a pro.

And thanks to our graphic designer and animator everything is super simple, clear, and straightforward. You’ll receive the lessons in beautiful Word, PDF and Powerpoint presentations. And they often contain templates and fill-in-the-blank exercises.

We teach you how to tap in such a simple way even a 12-year-old instantly gets it.

So you won’t make mistakes. You’ll exactly what to do to make your tapping super effective.
And you get the best and fastest results.
You’ll also receive powerful tap-alongs - where all you do it hit play and tap along to feel relief.

Clever tapping formulas to supercharge your tapping. And…

Little known tricks to speed up your progress to social ease.

And I will literally walk you through all of the steps to overcome your social anxiety.


3. Access to our private Social Confidence Forum


Here you’ll find a wealth of resources to support you at any stage on your journey. Step-by-step solutions for any social anxiety related problem you might face.

All to be found in one easy location.

James said: “It’s like having instant help at the tips of your fingers. A little bible on my phone if I need instant support”

You’ll also have an extensive FAQ for answers to all your questions. And you can ask unique questions, too. So you have near-instant answers to all of your SA questions.

And because the SC Club is both accessible via a link to your desktop browser or via an app on your phone, you can watch replays of webinars, do guided tapping, or find solutions to your challenges anywhere you are. On your phone, tablet, or laptop.


4. Weekly Hang out with other members


Every Friday (in 2 time zones so you can make it live regardless of where you live in the world)

More casual hangout, where we tap together. The opportunity to talk about problems you have and/or hear other talks about problems they have that you can relate to.

I answer any questions you may have. And here you can bring any issue to the table that you need some help with.


5. Access to our WhatsApp Chat Group


Feeling down and need some instant support? This is the place!

With people from all over the world, there is always someone online in your timezone to share some insight, provide encouraging words, make you laugh, or help you feel better.

Many friendships have also been formed, and some members mention it’s one of their favorite parts of the Club!


6. Weekly Live Coaching Sessions -
Every Sunday (in 2 time zones + replays)


I’ve saved the best for last!

What are these?

I coach a member of our club, live.

And I do this in roughly the same way as I’d normally do that in a private coaching session:

1. I ask what his/her worst social anxiety problem is.
2. I guide my client to neutralizing it completely.

The difference is that I also explain a bit why we tap in this way. So you learn how to tap in an as effective manner as possible.

I’ll demonstrate live what you learned in Wednesday’s tapping lessons. So you learn it more deeply, and can easily copy it later on when you tap on your own.
Now when you’re watching this session, you and everyone else is ‘tapping along’.

This is unbelievably powerful.

Because when you tap along with a fellow SA sufferer live on your screen…

• You can relate to his/her thoughts and feelings - which fosters self-acceptance and compassion
• You get insights into your own issues - you uncover blind spots you can then move past ‘m
• You feel inspired by the powerful transformation you see happening live on screen - this motivates you to keep up with the journey

And most importantly…

… you reduce your own social anxiety issues just by tapping along!

See, there is this well-known concept in EFT land, called ‘Borrowing Benefits’

QUOTE from Dawson Church under/next his image:

“One of the most profound discoveries in EFT was the phenomenon called "Borrowing Benefits." It's the discovery that simply watching someone else do EFT on their issues, while tapping along with them, can help you reduce the emotional intensity of your own issues.”

-Dawson Church, PhD, Best-selling author, Award-winning researcher,
founder of

But with regular 'Borrowing Benefits', you tap along with someone who has other issues than you. For example, the EFT practitioner might he helping a client with a spider phobia, which you tap along with.

Surprisingly, this is already quite powerful.

But what we do is FAR MORE POWERFUL.

I consider our set up ‘Borrowing Benefits on Steroids’.


Because everyone tapping along has the same kinds of issues!

When you suffer from social anxiety, you have a lot of the same beliefs, thoughts, feelings, worries, resistances, and so on.

I’ve heard over and over statements like:

“OMG, I feel just like you feel around your boss”

“I could really relate to your issue, and got huge relief tapping along with you, thank you so much for being so brave”

And, when I work with a client who reports on her issue, I often say to the group:

“if you can relate to this, raise your hand”

And 9 times out of 10 all hands go up!

Plus, aside from this 1 on 1 and everyone taps along format, we also do another format:

—> Tapping with the whole group!

Here I guide the group as a whole through tap-alongs. And I check in with people and have little mini sessions with many members of the group.

And I always help the person get rid of some of their social anxiety issues.

I help my volunteers release the anxiety in the moment. Which usually happens quite quickly.

After which I move on to the next person.

So we’re mimicking a real social situation.

The big difference is of course that everyone in our group here has similar kinds of social anxiety issues. Which we all are working to overcome. You’re part of a friendly, non-judgmental group of kind and incredibly supportive people.

And, I guide your tapping, so you don’t have to think of what issues to work on.

These sessions are filled with laughter, and issues melt away like snow in the sun.

Not knowing what to expect, creates anticipatory anxiety for those on the call.

“Am I going to be called on?”

It brings up all sorts of social anxiety issues that normally happen in social situations.

But the big difference is that it now happens in this safe online environment. And in this space, things are very different, because we absolutely welcome all of the emotions that come up.

Since when they come up, we tap through them.


These webinars lead to profound breakthroughs for those attending. Including the people who are not visible on the screen. And even to those who just watch the replays!

These ‘Group Tapping Sessions’ are very powerful because:

A. It’s just like a real social situation so it can trigger feelings that normally get triggered for you
B. It triggers anticipatory anxiety you often feel
C. You’re hearing about the fears, worries, limiting beliefs, and negative emotions from a variety of social anxiety sufferers…

… and you’re tapping along with them, releasing them, and gaining big relief.

And what’s so awesome about this too is that - it is really super simple!

All you do is watch the coaching session while you simultaneously tap. When my client/volunteer repeats a phrase I give him to repeat, you do the same.

Monkey see, monkey do.

And while it’s hard to believe, watching and tapping along gets you relief on your issues!

Our Club members love Group Tapping as it’s so much easier than tapping on your own.
And often it’s far more powerful too.

Many people know of tapping, but report the following problems:

1. I don’t know what to tap on
2. I don’t have the motivation to tap - I’m not consistent and slack off
3. I’m not getting results I like

And our ‘set up’ resolves all of this.

Because all you do is simply show up live (or watch the replay whenever it suits you)
and tap along with the session.

So every Sunday you just click the link in your email and watch the live coaching session and just tap along.

I like to call it ‘The Netflix Of Healing’

You watch, you tap along, and you release.

It’s easy, entertaining, and most importantly: it helps you reduce your social anxiety.

But not only that…

Now as I said earlier, you can choose your level of participation.

There are 4 levels:

Level #1. You watch the replay - you are 100% anonymous


You don’t attend live. And you watch the replay at your own convenience.

This already gets you profound results.

Level #2. You attend live anonymously


There’s something special about being there live.

However, we don't see you or hear you. But, you can see and hear us. You're not actively participating. And no one will ever know you've even been there.

But of course, you are participating: you’re tapping along in the background.


Level #3. We can see you, but cannot hear you


You are on camera, but stay on ‘mute'.

This would be the next level. For most people, this triggers feelings of 'I'm being observed', 'they're judging me', 'I have to look cool’, etc.

... all fantastic targets you tap on to reduce your social anxiety!


Level #4. We can see you, and you can choose to participate


This is the most challenging level, as this may lead to you becoming the center of attention.

It brings up feelings of anxiety about 'possibly being called on'.

And, if you do get called on, you've likely got your social anxiety right there with you, for all to see.

Just like in a real social situation!

The big difference is that this time, you're surrounded by people who experience the same issue. And you're in a place where it's normal.

Anxiety here isn't judged. Nor do we hide it!

To the contrary:

We welcome and allow all the feelings.

I instantly start tapping with you to release the anxiety.
And everyone else is tapping along.

We are all tapping!

So the triggered anxiety, shame, insecurity, and so on rapidly reduces!

Fears of...

• being judged
• being seen anxious
• awkward situations
• doing it wrong
• your mind blanking
• appearing stupid, lame, uncool or boring
• embarrassing yourself


... are all welcomed and released! You are gently coached to overcome them.

And as you tap and release, everyone else tapping along benefits from your coaching session.

Or, if it's not you that’s receiving the mini-coaching session, you benefit from tapping along with others.

Everyone is in the same boat. We all win.

Through the ACT approach (Acceptance Compassion Tapping) we playfully work through triggered feelings that normally come up for you socially.

And the changes you make within our sessions translate into the real world out there.

It can be a bit scary at times, sure. But it's doable. And you can choose the level that you can handle.

All from the comfort of your own home.

And, it’s often fun, and entertaining.

Now, the SC Club is great for you because. . .


It is an optimized online environment to heal and grow: You’ll become part of a non-judgmental, compassionate Club to make lasting change over a period of time.

Social anxiety is such a lonely struggle. With the Club you no longer have to go at this difficult problem alone, all by yourself.

Instead, you’ll have me guiding you through it, one easy step at a time.

When you run into problems, we’re going to tackle them together.

And, you’re also part of a community of like-minded people. All together on the same path.

The Club is a place where you’re not judged. Where you don’t feel weak, weird, or like a loser. Instead, you are welcomed, accepted, and respected.

It’s a safe and supportive location to bring your issues to the table and receive true understanding, compassion, and support.

Plus, you’ll be part of the great group energy and momentum. Because after all, we’re a group of motivated all facing in the same direction. All working towards the same outcome of social ease.

You’ll have all the help you need, with just one click on your phone.

You’re going to have me, our team, and the community behind you all the time, supporting you, encouraging you, celebrating wins with you. And that’s going to make the biggest difference.

Now I knew community was powerful and healing prior to setting this up. But that it is this powerful was a surprise for me.

And in hindsight, it makes a lot of sense.

Because in order for lasting change to occur, you need to have a safe space to operate from.

Just like a child only feels safe exploring its boundaries when it has the safety of his mom to return to. Or a baby kangaroo only goes out to explore as it knows it has his mom’s bag to return to when trouble occurs.

When trouble occurs for you, you have the community to return to. When you have a setback, we’re there for you to support you through it, and provide insight, understanding, compassion and encouragement.


The community we’ve created inside the club has several more powerful benefits:

Shared Mission

Being together with others on the same hero’s journey.

Safe Place To Be Vulnerable

Talk about your problems and have people actually care, and understand what you’re going through.

Be Inspired

See other members make progress and move from one stage to the next.
You’ll be inspired by their strength, courage, persistence, and progress.

You’ll hear and see them report on their progress, and this gives you confidence that you can achieve that too.

Challenge Yourself

You’re in a safe, controlled environment full of compassionate people who really get you. This makes it a lot easier to challenge yourself socially by exposing yourself to a social situation (coaching sessions and hang outs). Your feelings get triggered just like in a real social situation.


Anyone in the community is nice, friendly, welcome and open. In this relaxed space community camaraderie naturally begins to form, over a period of time. Several people have linked up outside of the club and have become friends.


3x a week there is an activity to participate in. This consistency and regularity of working through your challenges keeps you accountable.

Be Able To Relate To So Many of The Others’ Issues

Feeling of ”I'm not the only one."

Feeling A Sense of Community

Many refer to their ‘online family’!

And unlike social situations in “real life”, you here get to instantly tap on them and work through your triggers.

“I love the fact that I can get triggered and yet feel supported at the same time”

See, it’s one thing to try tapping by yourself, it’s a whole other thing to experience it done for you. To simply tap along. And to watch people make transformations right in front of your very eyes.

It’s super inspiring and makes a world of difference.

Further, you will also learn a lot about yourself, and your emotions.

Your relationship with yourself, and with anxiety, will change. And

you will no longer feel you’re broken or that there is something wrong with you.

You’ll discover what makes social anxiety worse, and stop doing it.

And you’ll get powerful strategies to reduce it, and minimize it, when it comes up. So that the next time you get triggered, it leaves a lot quicker. And instead of beating yourself up and being hard on yourself, you treat yourself with kindness and compassion.

You’ll learn to laugh at yourself, your struggles, and your issues.

And you’ll truly understand social anxiety, and how to pick it apart piece by piece.

Common results you may experience too are:

⚡ Feeling less anxious overall

⚡ Anxiety leaving faster

⚡ Silence your critical inner voice, stop beating yourself up, and increase self acceptance

⚡ Feeling more self-compassion

⚡ Being anxiety-free in situations that used to trigger anxiety

⚡ Taking yourself less serious

⚡ Feeling better about yourself

⚡ Feeling happier, more optimistic about your future

⚡ Feeling stronger, more confident, and more resilient

⚡ Feeling more grounded, and having more emotional control

⚡ Increased inner peace

⚡ Knowing how to effectively tap on your own issues

The bottom line is that we're going to cover a lot of ground over (the coming 10 months).

And you're going to come out the other end with a lot less social anxiety and a lot more social ease. In fact, in just one month you’ll already begin to feel better.


But that's not enough.

I want to take you beyond just feeling better... and right into social ease.

So we providing the best possible support and solutions to help you beat SA.

So by now you’re probably thinking that I’ve put together a pretty amazing offer...

But I thought long and hard about how I could make this even better.

And I came up with three amazing bonuses.

Bonus 01: Simple Tapping Mini Course

The first bonus is a ‘Simple Tapping Mini Course’ and it’s all about making tapping so easy and stupid-simple for you that you immediately can get going.

In this 22 min training video I teach you only the absolute most effective tapping strategies. And I’ve added some advanced energy psychology strategies to them.

These techniques are so simple that a 10 year old can use them.

Watch this video once, go over the accompanying PDF once, and you’re off to the races.

You now know exactly what to say, how to tune in, and how to get relief right away.

I’ve never sold this to the general public before. And you’ll get this bonus for free when you join.

Bonus 02: How To Create A Simple Tapping Habit

We are creatures of habit. And the habits we have either get us closer to social ease, or drive us deeper into social anxiety.

This 10min presentation teaches you how to create a tapping habit without much effort at all.

Pretty much everyone inside out social confidence club now has adopted this tapping habit.
Forming habits is tough. But not when you use these hacks. In fact, it’ll be hard not to tap!

Bonus 03: 4 Super Powerful Tap-alongs

And then finally… you’ll also get these 4 super powerful tap-alongs:

I. Anticipatory Anxiety Tap Along: If before a particular social event you are feeling anxious, then you follow along that tap-along and reduce, maybe even release all of that anxiety.

II. The Post Shitty Social Event Tap Along: If you ever felt bad after a social event, boom: You pop on this tap-along, you listen to it, and tap-along. You calm yourself down, and you release those emotions.

III. Setback In To Healing Opportunities: This is when you notice that you have a setback. This will shift your perspective. It will get you back to have the right kind of perspective in order to heal what has come up for you, and significantly reduce your suffering. It might even get you to feel grateful for what have happened.

IV. Boost Your Motivation Tap Along: Ever found yourself feeling low on motivation when it’s time to do some tapping? This ‘Motivation Power Up’ refuels your motivation in just 13min.

So by now, you’re probably wondering

What It Costs To Join The SC Club


Well, let’s put it context.

I am not available for 1 on 1 coaching at the moment. After 11 years and >5000 hrs of sessions it’s time for the next level: I’m creating a training to teach therapists to be able to help socially anxious clients.

But when I used to coach, a single coaching session with me cost $250,-.

On average I’d work 10 session with a client. So that’d be $2500.-

What you get inside the SC Club is better than all my products combined. Way better, in fact.

And my 5 products combined go for $775,-

Together that’s already $3250,-

And then I’m not even talking about the bonuses, the community support, the forum and the what’s app.


So here we go:

Your investment is just $99 a month.

And you can cancel at any time. All it takes is 1 email.
So this is an absolute steal.


Plus, if you after a month decide it’s not for you, I even let you keep all the bonuses. Which are worth way more than $99.

Remember, if you want to overcome your social anxiety, then you have to do something different. This unique tapping approach is proven to be effective.

Think about how your life will be different if you commit to joining the club and tapping yourself to social ease.


Take Action Right Now

So go ahead and click the button below and join me inside the Social Confidence Club!

Join SC Club Now

One last thing that I need to mention...


. . .this is a limited timed offer. You see, The SCC is only open for 5 days...

On March 2nd, midnight EST we close down registration.

If you want to get in, then you need to act quickly... because the registration window is never open long.

However, if you miss out... well, please don’t freak out or anything - the odds are pretty good that I’ll offer another chance at joining the SCC in another 12 months from now.

If you’re not ready to step up today, then maybe when it opens again, i.e. a year from now will be the right time.


Put An End To Your Social Anxiety

If you’re ready to create more social ease and put an end to your social anxiety suffering, then your next step is to click the order button below and get registered for the Club.

Join SC Club Now

Now I know some of you may be on the fence about this.


It might currently still be hard for you to imagine being socially at ease… too good to be true… maybe you even feel on some level you don’t deserve it…

I know there are some people who are still thinking to themselves “well, it might work for others, but it doesn’t work for me”. And if that’s you, I just want to say that tapping on your own as an amateur without guidance is one thing…

… it’s a whole different experience when everything is broken down for you step-by-step, when you’re guided by an expert, when you can ask questions, and when it’s demonstrated to you live.

When tapping doesn’t work for you it’s not because tapping doesn’t work., It’s because you’re not using it correctly.

Inside the Club we teach you how to do it right. We take you by the hand and lead you. I’ll demonstrate it to you live. And I even guide you through a real life experience of it, if you choose to participate at that level.

And remember, you choose your level, and you can choose anonymity.

Anything you’ve tried in the past is different from what we do inside the Club. I know this because there is nothing out there like this, anywhere in the world.

And tapping backed up by 102 studies, and meets the criteria of the APA for a number of conditions like PTSD, and you’ve seen -or will see- lots of video testimonials from former sufferers.

This is a super powerful different strategy to overcome social anxiety, and you’ve literally got nothing to lose by trying it. Because there is a 30 day MBG.

So you get to try it out, join the live webinars (anonymously if you like) and just on day 29 ask for your refund and you’ll have experienced everything totally free.

So you have a full 30 days to see if my SC Club is right for you. If you determine that it isn't, for whatever reason, just let us know and we'll gladly refund your money.

No hassles. No hard feelings.

I’ll even let you keep the bonuses as a thank you for your trust in me.

I’m making this so easy for you so I can prove to you that this will make a powerful difference in your life.

Now if you’re suffering from severe depression, you’re suicidal, have a history of sexual abuse, or you’ve got severe mental health issues aside from social anxiety, the SC Club is not for you.

But when you’re dealing with social anxiety alone, this will be incredibly powerful, healing, and positively life changing for you.


Oh, and one more thing


When you’re part of the Club you also get to join the once-a-month webinars where we have a guest expert to join us.

These are top therapists, doctors, neuroscientists, psychotherapists, EFT Masters, healers, coaches, trauma experts and top energy psychology gurus.

I am thanks to my podcast connected to the best experts in the world. And once a month one of these legends comes to do a healing session with us. You can ask them anything. You’ll discover new healing methods.

And best of all, you reduce your social anxiety even faster.

Now I know it’s hard to believe that you can really change. Most people think “well, it probably works for them, but not for me. I’m a tough case”.

But that thinking is common. And if you suffer from SA, this will really help you in a profound way.

One last thing. . .


I am not some tapping magician. I just stumbled onto a EFT - more than 14 years ago and started applying it to social anxiety. Since then I have continually refined my approach. Adding to it. Taking away unnecessary parts. Making is easier, simpler. More practical.

This has evolved into the SC Club.

This guided and supported experience to overcome SA is now the dream-come-true experience I wish I had when I was suffering.

You’ll have the forum and what’s app with like-minded people, all facing the same direction. Empowered by tapping, empowered by these powerful concepts, with the knowledge you can change, with a support system, accountability in place, being inspired by everyone, the week email where you’re motivated and receive bite-sized tapping lessons, and of course the weekly live webinar where you are tapping along and chipping away the layers of your social anxiety.

You can work on your social anxiety from the comfort of your own home, nobody has to even know you’re doing this, this can be your secret, and all of that for just 99/month.

This is really an incredible deal when you think about how this is going to benefit you. And this is going to benefit you longer than just these couple of months. Because this kind of work that you’re doing is you’re addressing your thinking, you’re addressing your psychology, you’re addressing your mental and emotional well being, your relationships with people, your career… this affects everything, and it affects everything for the rest of your life. The result that you’re producing, the improvement in your mental and emotional health is something you’re going to benefit from for the rest of your life. So do not miss this opportunity.

When you’re ready to finally overcome your social anxiety, speak your mind with ease, enjoy socializing and having fun with others, then here’s what to do right now:

Click the buy now button, fill in your details, and complete your order. After you’ve done so you’ll receive an email and you get a welcome video from me and you’re part of the club. You’re part of the gang. And you’ll feel good and you’ll feel excited because you’ve just invited in a future of social ease.

Now is your time. It’s time to step up. There has never a better time... but you have to act now... registration is closing soon. Now is the time to act. Enroll in the SCC and say yes to
Effortless social ease. Yes to feeling safe being yourself around others.

I really look forward to serving you and having you inside the club and continue the journey to social confidence together. So click the buy now button below this video and I’ll see you inside the club.

What Members Are Saying About The Social Confidence Club


It really changed my life. It really did.

"It's completely different. I don't think of social anxiety anymore. I don't feel twisted.

I go wherever I need to go. I no longer think, "I better not talk so much. I don't want to engage to that person even more."

I can now go with the flow."

This is life-changing. I think I'm living proof.

"I've reconnected with family. My brothers used to be big triggers (my two older brothers), and I actually look forward to calling them, which I can't believe that still. Because I dread every moment of my life, or every moment I was with them for the last 10 years has been very uncomfortable. And then this year, it's been the opposite, it's been easier and enjoyable, I actually enjoy talking to them."

[The anxiety] goes away fairly quickly.

"I had a bit of trouble with meetings. When there's a lot of people and you put me on the spot, sometimes it can be difficult. Whereas before, I used to be a bit nervous, or a lot nervous throughout the entire thing. Now, what's shifted is I might be nervous at the start, and then I'm okay for the for the rest of it. I don't have it. It goes away fairly quickly because I have that understanding of where I'm at, and what it is that I've got, and what we know. So, it goes a lot quicker. It disappears."

I feel like I'm closer to social ease than I am to the social anxiety.

"[The anxiety] sticks around for way less time. I can’t almost feel it. And even as I'm feeling it, it's already on its way out."

I can just say what comes to mind

"Physical symptoms are pretty much almost gone, which is a huge, huge thing. It really is more easeful. That’s a good word to describe it. I’m not overthinking it. And I’m not too worried about my own physical reactions, even my movements, how I’m going to respond to whatever they’re saying, how I’m going to talk with my hands or whatever."

I just feel that I accept myself more. And that brings a lot of relief.

"I feel more accepting of myself as a personality. And I feel more compassionate towards myself; I feel more at ease with myself and feel more comfortable. And it’s easier to talk with people."

I’m just much happier. And I’m just much more into life.

"There can go days and weeks without I’m anxious now. And now, it feels less and less and less and less."

It’s just a huge relief.

"I am less worried. Now, I can go to places and I’m on my way there and I noticed that I’m not nervous about this at all."

P.S. You have a big decision to make. I can’t make it for you... the only thing I can do is tell you that the SC Club works. It’s worked for me, and it’s worked for hundreds of my coaching clients and SCC members.

Click the button now and I'll see you in the program...

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