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Weekly group coaching, guided tapping exercises, a supportive community, and much more to build social confidence, and eliminate your social fears—all from the comfort of your own home.

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Do you want to STOP...

Feeling anxious in the days leading up to a social situation


⚡ Feeling extremely nervous in a social situation

Worrying about saying something wrong 

⚡ Fearing judgment, embarrassing yourself, and being seen anxious


⚡ "Creating" awkward situations  

Beating yourself up afterwards 


Fearing what others think and say about you?


And instead...

🌟 Remain calm and relaxed while in the centre of attention


🌟 Have meaningful and deep connections with others 


🌟 Enjoy conversations without worrying about being judged or saying something wrong

🌟 Find it easy to find and keep friends


🌟 Feel carefree, confident, and at ease during social situations 


Yes? Good! This is for you!


Here's some inspiration from comments of our Club members!

What makes The Social Confidence Club so unique... 


Full guidance towards social confidence

The Club is 100% focused on helping you overcome Social Anxiety, which is worldwide unique. It's designed to take you through the 5 Stages of Social Confidence in a clear and easy to follow way.

An uplifting, empowering community  

You’re in a private, uplifting environment of compassionate people who really get you. Everyone loves the community, and you will too!

Transformation from the comfort of your home, going at your own pace

This inner work healing journey is done from the comfort of your home. Just open your phone or laptop, click the link or hit play, and start releasing SA. 

You can do the simple tapping exercises at any time. And you can either choose to attend the live session, or watch the replay whenever is convenient for you. 

Easy to follow structure that keeps you accountable 

Via short, guided videos we first build a solid foundation. And then our weekly exercises and sessions help you feel more and more socially confident: 

Sundays we have social confidence boosting live webinars (with replays).
Tuesdays, tap-alongs that motivate and inspire you. 
Thursdays you get cookie-cutter tapping exercises to chip away your social anxiety. It's simple and easy!

Library of tools to soothe anxiety & 
kind, supportive whatsapp group

Feeling anxious about an upcoming social situation? Beating yourself up after a shitty social experience? We got you! Simply select the appropriate tap along and experience relief within minutes.

Need extra support? Want to share your breakthrough?  Your worldwide group of members are just a short message away. No matter what you're going through, compassion, insight, and friendly support is available to you anytime. 

Practical and powerful tools & techniques

You'll learn easy, yet powerful tools like EFT tapping. These you can apply before, during and after any social situation

Imagine finally being able to take control of your mind and emotions! 

Plus, by learning 'the psychology of lasting change' you'll:
A. Reduce your suffering
B. Massively shortcut your journey to social confidence.

Expert guidance and a good dose of humor

You’re guided by a former Social Anxiety Disorder sufferer, who deeply understands where you’re at, and can guide you towards feeling at ease with yourself. Seb has been coaching socially anxious clients for the past 14 years, logging 6000+ coaching sessions.

Plus, you'll get to enjoy lighthearted and fun presentations and a good dose of Dutch humor ;)

Participate anonymously or full on

You can choose your participation level for the live webinars.
1. 100% anonymous (watch replay and still gain life-changing results - over 60% of our members do this)
2. Show up live, but be anonymous (cam off, muted, fake name) 
3. Participate in writing and speaking (cam off)
4. Participate fully (cam on, open to being called on)

What's inside the program?
The Club consists of 6 key elements:

Foundation Social Confidence Training


In our Club, we guide you through five clear stages towards social confidence. Each stage includes easy-to-follow steps that address different aspects of social anxiety. You'll get guided tap-along sessions, as well as specific tapping exercises you can do on your own to reduce social anxiety. It's all very straightforward, making your path to confidence both well-organized and simple to follow along with.

Together we'll tap and:

  • Turn self-consciousness into self-acceptance
  • Overcome perfectionism and people pleasing
  • Neutralise shame and guilt
  • Get rid of the fear of judgment 
  • Boost self-esteem and self-confidence

Motivation Tune Up Tuesday

Change can be tough. Sometimes you might face hard times or feel like you're not making progress. This is why we have 'Motivation Tune Up Tuesday' to help you stay positive and focused on your goals.

Every Tuesday, you'll get an email from us filled with inspiring stories and powerful motivation boosters (tap alongs).

This helps you create a resilient mindset. And helps you master the psychology of change.

Empowerment Thursday

Every week, we'll send you an entertaining story that teaches you about psychology. It's an enjoyable way to learn. At the end of the story, you get to pick a tapping exercise. You have three choices:

EASY (5min).
POWER (15min)
HARDCORE (as long as it takes)

Choose one based on how you feel that day. These exercises help break down social anxiety bit by bit. They give you quick relief and make a big difference over time.


Also, each lesson is separate. If you miss one or two, don't worry. Just start again where you left off. You move at your own speed. And every lesson you complete brings you a step closer to feeling comfortable around others."

Private Social Confidence Forum

Our online forum is a safe place where you can talk about your feelings. Ask questions. Share your wins.  Get support. 

And, you'll find 

  • How to tap on anything
  • If this problem, then do this
  • List of World-class practitioners
  • Glossary
  • Frequently asked questions and their answers

WhatsApp Group Support 

Feeling down and needing some instant support? 
Want to share your win and have people cheer for you? 

Our online community consists of kind, encouraging people who are on the same journey as you, from all over the world. So there's always someone online in your time. 

Many life-long friendships have been formed here, making it a favorite part of the Club for many members. 

Our Weekend Breakthrough Live Coaching Sessions 


Every Sunday, you gain access to a 90-minute session that fits your schedule:

🕓 Group 1: 4PM Bali | 7PM Sydney | 8AM UK time

🕦 Group 2: 11:30PM Bali | 3:30PM UK | 10:30AM New York

Replays are available, and they're super powerful too! >75% of members only use replays to overcome their social anxiety!

These sessions are deeply transformative. And you get to experience various exciting formats:

👤 One-on-one deep dive sessions Here I help my volunteer overcome his worst social anxiety issue. Whether that is fear of negative judgment, anxiety talking to attractive women, fear meeting strangers, blushing, scared to be the centre of attention, you name it. While you safely tap along, You learn a ton, get insights into your own issues, and through tapping along you get relief on your unique issues. 

👥 Group tapping sessions Here I do short sessions with many different volunteers. This brings up anticipatory anxiety: “Am I going to get called on? 🙀” 

Inside the Club our rule is “social anxiety is NOT a secret” Every volunteer’s anxiety is right away acknowledged, welcomed, and tapped on! So people feel safe being anxious in front of others. Which not only changes the relationship with anxiety, it also releases the anxiety!

💯 Breakthrough workshop sessions These are live mini workshops where we focus on working through a particular issues together as group. The issues are the topic of the month, which might be “getting rid of people pleasing”. Or ‘overcoming social perfectionism”. Or “Getting over the fear of people judging you”. 

🌈 World class guest sessions Every month we have an EFT Pro, energy psychologist, or healing master come and guide our group through a powerful healing session. You’ll discover other incredible techniques, learn from the best in  the field, and experience deep healing experiences simply by following along.

🔥 Motivation boosting member hang outs Once a month we do check ins with members, which is super inspiring and relatable. 
And together we tap to release resistance, boost motivation, and deepen (self) acceptance. 

😱 Fear of participation sessions For people who find live webinars too intimidating. Everyone starts off without camera on, fake name, muted. And we gently work through super tiny baby participation challenges. Like clicking the ‘hand raise emoji’ on the count of 3 with the whole group to get started. Writing one word in the chat. And then we slowly increase the challenges. Before each challenge we tap to release the fears fears and worries about doing the challenge. Then you do the challenge if you so choose (you’re always at choice). And then afterwards we tap on any feelings and worries that came up during the challenge. A very gentle way to become more comfortable with participating. 

💪 Social confidence challenges For those ready for it, we do little challenges to purposely trigger social anxiety, awkwardness, self-consciousness and so on. We do exercises like “everyone unmute and hum happy birthday”. “Introducing yourself to other members”. And other kinds of exercises that normally get people to feel cringe and awkwardness. All in a safe and controlled setting. And like the FOP sessions, we tap before, during, and after these challenges. While it may sound hard to believe, these sessions are often hilarious and very liberating. And the confidence you create from the comfort of your own home you take with you into the social situations in your life. 



It's your choice how you participate:

💻 Don’t attend live, simply catch the replay whenever convenient for you (still super powerful). Or…

🙈 Attend live and be 100% anonymous. Camera is off. You’re muted. You can choose a fake name, and put an x in front of your name so you won't get called on. Or...

🔇 Join live, cam off, muted. Without x in front of your name means you can be called on. You can interact via chat, or reply by unmuting yourself.

🤳 Participate live with your camera on. And be ready to be called on. And even volunteer with Seb. 



"Here's why our webinars are incredibly effective in overcoming social anxiety:


Borrowing Benefits: As you observe and tap along with someone else's session, your brain mirrors their experience. This empathetic response allows you to 'borrow' the healing effects of their tapping. It's a transformative process that happens effortlessly, benefitting you as much as the person you're watching.


Witnessing Transformations: Seeing others overcome their challenges live inspires a powerful thought: 'I can change too.' These real-time transformations provide valuable insights, helping you address your own issues.


Relatable Experiences: The stories, struggles, and breakthroughs shared in our webinars make you feel understood and less alone. This normalizes your issues, reducing self-judgment and increasing self-compassion and acceptance.


Social Confidence Mindset: Our uplifting community helps shift your perspective on social anxiety. You'll start to adopt a more optimistic and relaxed approach, naturally developing a mindset of social confidence.


Comfort Zone Stretching: For those ready, we provide a safe and non-judgmental space to gently push your boundaries. We tackle feelings of shame, fear, and anxiety together, using tapping to clear them. This process builds resilience, confidence, and a playful, less serious approach to life. All these benefits are gained from the comfort of your home, and the confidence you build with us translates seamlessly into the real world." 

Here are what other Club members say:

Frequently Asked Questions

Put An End To Your Social Anxiety

If you’re ready to create more social ease and put an end to your social anxiety suffering,
then your next step is to click the button below and get registered for the Club.


What Members Say About The Social Confidence Club:

I now effortlessly socialize and connect with others.

"I used to be crippled by anxiety before social events, but now I enjoy and look forward to them. I transformed from being unable to speak up in group settings to confidently sharing my story and helping others."

It feels like the anxiety is something from the past.

“Social Anxiety was a really, really big thing for me. I felt so hopeless. I was like, I'm never going to overcome this. Well, I'm very sure that this Club helped me so much.”


“There were many things I wanted to do, that I couldn't do, that I didn't do, or that I couldn't do as much as I would have liked to.” 


“I had this anxiety for such a long time, a decade. But now it almost feels as if it's something from the past. Things such as getting invited to a party or going on a date or meeting colleagues, or friends I haven't seen in a long time just feels like something I actually like, and I'm not worried what is this gonna happen…"

I'm socially at ease a lot of the time!

"I was able to be out in social events and feel like I was actually there instead of having this like blanket of fear around me".


"I'm not anxiety free, but I am socially at ease a lot of the time. And I feel like I can calm my anxiety down just so I can be myself with other people and connect with them."


“The Club is incredibly comforting and it's a safe place... I feel like it's my people".

It really changed my life. It really did.

"It's completely different. I don't think of social anxiety anymore. I don't feel twisted.


I go wherever I need to go. I no longer think, "I better not talk so much. I don't want to engage to that person even more."


I can now go with the flow."

This is life-changing. I think I'm living proof. 

"I've reconnected with family. My brothers used to be big triggers (my two older brothers), and I actually look forward to calling them, which I can't believe that still. Because I dread every moment of my life, or every moment I was with them for the last 10 years has been very uncomfortable. And then this year, it's been the opposite, it's been easier and enjoyable, I actually enjoy talking to them."

[The anxiety] goes away fairly quickly.

"I had a bit of trouble with meetings. When there's a lot of people and you put me on the spot, sometimes it can be difficult. Whereas before, I used to be a bit nervous, or a lot nervous throughout the entire thing. Now, what's shifted is I might be nervous at the start, and then I'm okay for the for the rest of it. I don't have it. It goes away fairly quickly because I have that understanding of where I'm at, and what it is that I've got, and what we know. So, it goes a lot quicker. It disappears."

I feel like I'm closer to social ease than I am to the social anxiety.

"[The anxiety] sticks around for way less time. I can’t almost feel it. And even as I'm feeling it, it's already on its way out."

I can just say what comes to mind


"Physical symptoms are pretty much almost gone, which is a huge, huge thing. It really is more easeful. That’s a good word to describe it. I’m not overthinking it. And I’m not too worried about my own physical reactions, even my movements, how I’m going to respond to whatever they’re saying, how I’m going to talk with my hands or whatever."

I just feel that I accept myself more. And that brings a lot of relief.


"I feel more accepting of myself as a personality. And I feel more compassionate towards myself; I feel more at ease with myself and feel more comfortable. And it’s easier to talk with people."

I’m just much happier. And I’m just much more into life.


"There can go days and weeks without I’m anxious now. And now, it feels less and less and less and less."

It’s just a huge relief.

"I am less worried. Now, I can go to places and I’m on my way there and I noticed that I’m not nervous about this at all."

I don't even consider myself to have social anxiety at all anymore. 

"I'm not embarrassed at all with anything. I was less worried. I developed a lot more acceptance of what I've been through and who I am.

I'm totally relaxed which wasn't the case 20 years ago.

"I can talk to people easily. I can even start conversations. I'm much more energetic nowadays."

I'm getting better and better as I go.


"I started becoming more comfortable in these social situations, which is that's when I really started realizing that this is the real deal and it was working."

Grab your spot now and overcome your social anxiety, for good!