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You can also challenge yourself from the comfort of your own home. You'll feel inspired by watching others transform. You no longer have to do it all alone. You'll learn amazing techniques and strategies. Meet other super star guest experts. And you'll have fantastic support on your journey to social confidence.

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Welcome! It’s Seb, Social Confidence Coach, the host of the podcast show 'Social Anxiety Solutions', and also a former social anxiety sufferer.

I suffered from social anxiety for over a decade.

In social situations, my heart would start to race, I’d get a lump in my throat, feel the heat rushing to my face, and I’d be super awkward. Though I, of course, tried to act cool like everything was fine. But the truth was that I felt extremely insecure inside. Especially around cool people. I felt inferior. And around attractive women, I’d freeze up completely.

I worried about what others thought of me, was terrified of blushing -and often did- and got super anxious in anticipation of social events.

I also felt very ashamed of these issues. I thought I was weak. A loser. I cut myself off from others and often felt very lonely.

I tried to beat my social anxiety by forcefully facing my fears, changing my thoughts, and using mainstream approaches.

But it didn’t work. Any confidence I gained didn’t last.

Eventually, I discovered EFT tapping, a scientifically proven to be an effective emotional release technique.

And thanks to this technique, the help of some brilliant therapists, and lots of study and persistence… I managed to become completely anxiety-free.

And not just free of anxiety, I feel simply relaxed, comfortable, and at ease socially. I freely speak my mind, effortlessly connect with others, have fun, and I enjoy a satisfying social life.

And this is not unique to me.

In 2009 I started coaching, and I’ve since helped hundreds of clients become socially at ease.

From my own journey, continuous study of the most effective approaches, 600+ hours of coaching and supervision from some of the best psychotherapists and tapping experts in the world, and >5000 hours of coaching socially anxious clients, and continuous tweaking and improving what worked, I’ve created my own approach to overcome social anxiety.

Here's what's going to happen:

When you join, you get access to the following:

Live Hangout (60mins - Zoom - different time zones) every Friday + Replay (available for seven days)

Live Coaching Session (90 mins - Zoom - different time zones) every Sunday + Replay (available for seven days)

At what time will the sessions be?

The Friday Hangout and Sunday Webinars happens
either at 10:30AM or at 6PM (Bali Indonesia time). 

Here’s a sample schedule to demonstrate how this works:


Week 1:

Friday Hangout: 10:30AM (Bali time) 
Sunday Webinar: 6PM (Bali time) 

Week 2:

Friday Hangout: 6PM (Bali time) 
Sunday Webinar: 10:30AM (Bali time) 

Week 3:

Friday Hangout: 10:30AM (Bali time) 
Sunday Webinar: 6PM (Bali time)

Week 4:

Friday Hangout: 6PM (Bali time)
Sunday Webinar: 10:30AM (Bali time) 

Let me break down each of them for you:

1. Weekly Hangout with other members -
Every Friday (in 2 time zones + replays)

Every Friday (in 2 time zones so you can make it live regardless of where you live in the world).

More casual hangout, where we tap together. The opportunity to talk about problems you have and/or hear other talks about problems they have that you can relate to.

I answer any questions you may have. And here you can bring any issue to the table that you need some help with.

2. Weekly Live Coaching Sessions -
Every Sunday (in 2 time zones + replays)


What are these?

I coach a member of our Club, live.

And I do this in roughly the same way as I’d normally do that in a private coaching session:

1. I ask what his/her worst social anxiety problem is.
2. I guide my client to neutralizing it completely.

The difference is that I also explain a bit why we tap in this way. So you learn how to tap in an as effective manner as possible.

Now when you’re watching this session, you and everyone else are ‘tapping along’.

This is unbelievably powerful.

Because when you tap along with a fellow SA sufferer live on your screen…

• You can relate to his/her thoughts and feelings - which fosters self-acceptance and compassion
• You get insights into your own issues - you uncover blind spots and you can then move past ‘m
• You feel inspired by the powerful transformation you see happening live on screen - this motivates you to keep up with the journey.

And most importantly…

… you reduce your own social anxiety issues just by tapping along!

See, there is this well-known concept in EFT land, called ‘Borrowing Benefits’



But with regular 'Borrowing Benefits', you tap along with someone who has other issues than you. For example, the EFT practitioner might he helping a client with a spider phobia, which you tap along with.

Surprisingly, this is already quite powerful.

But what we do is FAR MORE POWERFUL.

I consider our set up ‘Borrowing Benefits on Steroids’.


Because everyone tapping along has the same kinds of issues!

When you suffer from social anxiety, you have a lot of the same beliefs, thoughts, feelings, worries, resistances, and so on.

I’ve heard over and over statements like:

“OMG, I feel just like you feel around your boss”

“I could really relate to your issue, and got huge relief tapping along with you, thank you so much for being so brave.”

And, when I work with a client who reports on his/her issue, I often say to the group:

“If you can relate to this, raise your hand”

And 9 times out of 10, all hands go up!

Plus, aside from this 1 on 1 and everyone taps along format, we also do another format:

—> Tapping with the whole group!

Here I guide the group as a whole through tap-alongs. And I check in with people and have little mini sessions with many members of the group.

And I always help the person get rid of some of their social anxiety issues.

I help my volunteers release the anxiety in the moment. Which usually happens quite quickly.

After which I move on to the next person.

So we’re mimicking a real social situation.

The big difference is of course that everyone in our group here has similar kinds of social anxiety issues. Which we all are working to overcome. You’re part of a friendly, non-judgmental group of kind and incredibly supportive people.

And, I guide your tapping, so you don’t have to think of what issues to work on.

These sessions are filled with laughter, and issues melt away like snow in the sun.

Not knowing what to expect, creates anticipatory anxiety for those on the call.

“Am I going to be called on?”

It brings up all sorts of social anxiety issues that normally happen in social situations.

But the big difference is that it now happens in this safe online environment. And in this space, things are very different, because we absolutely welcome all of the emotions that come up.

Since when they come up, we tap through them.


These webinars lead to profound breakthroughs for those attending. Including the people who are not visible on the screen. And even to those who just watch the replays!

These ‘Group Tapping Sessions’ are very powerful because:

A. It’s just like a real social situation so it can trigger feelings that normally get triggered for you
B. It triggers anticipatory anxiety you often feel
C. You’re hearing about the fears, worries, limiting beliefs, and negative emotions from a variety of social anxiety sufferers…

… and you’re tapping along with them, releasing them, and gaining big relief.

And what’s so awesome about this too is that - it is really super simple!

All you do is watch the coaching session while you simultaneously tap. When my client/volunteer repeats a phrase I give him to repeat, you do the same.

Monkey see, monkey do.

And while it’s hard to believe, watching and tapping along gets you relief on your issues!

Our Club members love Group Tapping as it’s so much easier than tapping on your own.
And often it’s far more powerful too.

Many people know of tapping, but report the following problems:

1. I don’t know what to tap on
2. I don’t have the motivation to tap - I’m not consistent and slack off
3. I’m not getting results I like

And our ‘set up’ resolves all of these.

Because all you do is simply show up live (or watch the replay whenever it suits you)
and tap along with the session.

So every Sunday, you just click the link in your email and watch the live coaching session and just tap along.

I like to call it ‘The Netflix Of Healing’.

You watch, you tap along, and you release.

It’s easy, entertaining, and most importantly: it helps you reduce your social anxiety.

But not only that, here are some more benefits:

Now, you can choose your level of participation.

There are 4 levels:

Level #1. You watch the replay - you are 100% anonymous


You don’t attend live. And you watch the replay at your own convenience.

This already gets you profound results.

Level #2. You attend live anonymously


There’s something special about being there live.

However, we don't see you or hear you. But, you can see and hear us. You're not actively participating. And no one will ever know you've even been there.

But of course, you are participating: you’re tapping along in the background.


Level #3. We can see you, but cannot hear you


You are on camera, but stay on ‘mute'.

This would be the next level. For most people, this triggers feelings of 'I'm being observed', 'They're judging me', 'I have to look cool’, etc.

... all are fantastic targets you tap on to reduce your social anxiety!


Level #4. We can see you, and you can choose to participate


This is the most challenging level, as this may lead to you becoming the center of attention.

It brings up feelings of anxiety about 'possibly being called on'.

And, if you do get called on, you've likely got your social anxiety right there with you, for all to see.

Just like in a real social situation!

The big difference is that this time, you're surrounded by people who experience the same issue. And you're in a place where it's normal.

Anxiety here isn't judged. Nor do we hide it!

To the contrary:

We welcome and allow all the feelings.

I instantly start tapping with you to release the anxiety.
And everyone else is tapping along.

We are all tapping!

So the triggered anxiety, shame, insecurity, and so on rapidly reduces!

Fears of...

• being judged
• being seen anxious
• awkward situations
• doing it wrong
• your mind blanking
• appearing stupid, lame, uncool, or boring
• embarrassing yourself


... are all welcomed and released! You are gently coached to overcome them.

And as you tap and release, everyone else tapping along benefits from your coaching session.

Or, if it's not you that’s receiving the mini-coaching session, you benefit from tapping along with others.

Everyone is in the same boat. We all win.

Through the ACT approach (Acceptance Compassion Tapping), we playfully work through triggered feelings that normally come up for you socially.

And the changes you make within our sessions translate into the real world out there.

It can be a bit scary at times, sure. But it's doable. And you can choose the level that you can handle.

All from the comfort of your own home.

And, it’s often fun, and entertaining.

Be Connected To A Community 
Of Likeminded People 

The journey is not always easy. And sometimes, it's really tough

Imagine what it would be like to be supported on your journey... 

... to see others dealing with what you're dealing with, too. 

Feel inspired by witnessing their progress.

And inspire them with your progress. 

How will it feel to be part of a great group of kind, supportive, encouraging people all going in the same direction?

Release Social Anxiety From The Comfort Of  Your Own Home

Just watch me work with my socially anxious volunteer and tap along. 

Due to the power of tapping in the right way this process is easy and entertaining. 

Each session you tap along with you make progress on your #JourneyToSocialConfidence

Stay MOTIVATED Until You're Social Anxiety-Free

Ever worry "what if this doesn't work for me?". 

You're not alone. 

And, that's why these inspiring, uplifting coaching sessions are so powerful.

Each time you tap along, you are reducing your social anxiety issues. Each week, you become a bit more at ease socially.

And this over time begins to break the belief that you cannot change. 

Imagine what that does for your level of motivation! 

Plus, there are four amazing bonuses!

Bonus 01: Simple Tapping Mini Course

The first bonus is a ‘Simple Tapping Mini Course’ and it’s all about making tapping so easy and stupid-simple for you that you immediately can get going.

In this 22 min training video, I teach you only the absolute most effective tapping strategies. And I’ve added some advanced energy psychology strategies to them.

These techniques are so simple that a 10 year old can use them.

Watch this video once, go over the accompanying PDF once, and you’re off to the races.

You now know exactly what to say, how to tune in, and how to get relief right away.

I’ve never sold this to the general public before. And you’ll get this bonus for free when you join.

Bonus 02: How To Create A Simple Tapping Habit

We are creatures of habit. And the habits we have either get us closer to social ease, or drive us deeper into social anxiety.

This 10min presentation teaches you how to create a tapping habit without much effort at all.

Pretty much everyone inside our Social Confidence Club now has adopted this tapping habit.
Forming habits is tough. But not when you use these hacks. In fact, it’ll be hard not to tap!

Bonus 03: The 4 Super Powerful Tap-alongs

You’ll also get these 4 super powerful tap-alongs:

I. Anticipatory Anxiety Tap Along: If before a particular social event you are feeling anxious, then you follow along with this tap-along and reduce, maybe even release all of that anxiety.

II. The Post Shitty Social Event Tap Along: If you ever felt bad after a social event, boom: You pop on this tap-along, you listen to it, and tap-along. You calm yourself down, and you release those emotions.

III. Setback In To Healing Opportunities: This is when you notice that you have a setback. This will shift your perspective. It will get you back to have the right kind of perspective in order to heal what has come up for you, and significantly reduce your suffering. It might even get you to feel grateful for what has happened.

IV. Boost Your Motivation Tap Along: Ever found yourself feeling low on motivation when it’s time to do some tapping? This ‘Motivation Power Up’ refuels your motivation in just 13min.

Bonus 04: The 10 Day Tapping Challenge

During this challenge, you will learn what to say, what words to use, and what to focus on when you're doing your tapping.

You'll learn strategies to have the right words and what to focus on at the moment, when you're talking about past experiences, and when you're dealing with upcoming experiences.

Further, you'll learn the three main causes for tapping not working, and the three solutions to it.

You'll learn super simple acceptance tapping, wherewith minimal effort and over time, creates profound results.

All of these strategies are presented to you in a very simple way so you can instantly implement them.

Further, you also get access to me demonstrating the techniques to you on screen in a recorded webinar.

You're going to love all of these and your personal tapping skills are going to improve significantly.

So by now, you’re probably wondering

What It Costs To Join 
The Weekly Live Hang Out and Live Webinar 
inside the Social Confidence Club?


Well, let’s put it in context.

I am not available for 1 on 1 coaching at the moment. After 11 years and >5000 hrs of sessions it’s time for the next level: I’m creating a training to teach therapists to be able to help socially anxious clients.

But when I used to coach, a single coaching session with me cost $250.

On average I’d work 10 sessions with a client. So that’d be $2500.

So how much is it?

Your investment is just $75 a month.

And you can cancel at any time. All it takes is 1 email.
So this is an absolute steal.


Remember, if you want to overcome your social anxiety, then you have to do something different. This unique tapping approach is proven to be effective.

Think about how your life will be different if you have this support system in place where every Friday and Sunday, you get to hang out and tap along  with likeminded people.

Join now and Tap-Along this Friday/Sunday Live!

If you’re ready to create more social ease and put an end to your social anxiety suffering,
then your next step is to click the button below. 

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Put An End To Your Social Anxiety

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This Is Not For You When...

You suffer from severe depression.

You are suicidal.

You have a history of sexual abuse.

You suffer from multiple personality disorder.

Note: You can be helped for any of the above. However, I specialize in social anxiety alone.

If you have mild depression resulting from social anxiety, I can likely help you.

But when any of the other above-mentioned describe your issue, I recommend contacting your mental health care provider for assistance.

There are many EFT - experts available who are also qualified therapists. Find one who has experience successfully helping people overcome what you're dealing with.

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