Imagine A Life Free of Social Anxiety 

What if you could overcome your social anxiety without years of therapy or forcing yourself to face your fears alone? 

Through online Zoom coaching, I’ll guide you from the comfort of your home. Together, we’ll eliminate the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck, so you can feel calm, comfortable, and at ease in social situations.

Imagine A Life Free of Social Anxiety 

What if you could overcome your social anxiety without years of therapy or forcing yourself to face your fears alone? 

Through online Zoom coaching, I’ll guide you from the comfort of your home. Together, we’ll eliminate the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck, so you can feel calm, comfortable, and at ease in social situations.

Sebastiaan van der Schrier
Social Confidence Coach

I suffered from social anxiety for nearly a decade before discovering effective solutions over 22 years ago. Since then, I've dedicated my life to overcoming my own social anxiety and helping others do the same.

Free from social anxiety for years, I've been coaching clients full-time since October 2009, amassing over 6000+ hours,  including 600 hours of group coaching.

By combining the best of traditional psychology with tapping and energy psychology, I've developed a highly effective approach that consistently helps clients who previously struggled with other therapies. Watch and read about their amazing transformations on this page.

Social Anxiety Solutions
YouTube Series

Over 22,000 Subscribers
with > 3 million views

Social Anxiety Solutions

Your Journey to 
Overcoming Social Anxiety
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Social Confidence Club

Empowered hundreds to overcome
social anxiety and unlock social confidence

“My social anxiety is no longer controlling my life”

After my 3 sessions with Sebastiaan,
I've noticed marked differences in how I felt during social situations.
I felt more at ease and able to contribute to conversations
and really enjoy myself without having to worry about what others thought of me.

Even though I still feel anxiety at times,
I believe it is no more than a normal person would feel,
and it does not affect me in a negative way.

My social anxiety is no longer controlling my life, and I am so grateful for that!

Thanks, Sebastiaan!


“I had all the social anxiety symptoms. Blushing, sweating, blanking out. I was exhausted after a social situation. I was miserable. I hated it. Now I just don't feel that way anymore. I'm just being me, and that's good enough.

- John Farrar

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Transform Your Life
with Our Exclusive 6-Month VIP Coaching

In 2020, I shifted my focus to leading our large Social Confidence Club and developing a program to train elite 'Social Confidence Practitioners'.

Now, I occasionally offer an exclusive 6-month VIP intensive coaching package to a select few dedicated individuals. This is a rare opportunity to work directly with me on a deep, transformative level to overcome your social anxiety once and for all.

Please Note:

This program is not available year-round and is not suitable for everyone. If you suffer from additional compounding issues such as: 

  • Medium to severe depression
  • OCD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • History of sexual abuse

I am unfortunately not trained to assist with these conditions. However, if you suffer from social anxiety disorder alone, I am confident I can help you regardless of how severe or long-standing your case may be. I invite you to explore this page and listen to the amazing transformations from former ‘tough case’ clients. If they can change, so can you.

Mary's Journey

“Before I worked with Seb, I couldn't even go out to coffee with my best friend without feeling nervous for days.
I would hide in my room during parties or force myself to attend, feeling terribly anxious the entire time.
I definitely hated pictures and video taken of myself.

After coaching with Seb and using his methods, I started an Airbnb & event business with my husband and LOVE hosting parties! 
I sing and speak on stage with confidence and have a YouTube channel.

Seb helped me unlock my life's calling...because your greatest gift is often hiding behind

My advice?

Start coaching with Seb as fast as possible. It will be your greatest gift to yourself,
and you'll watch your life transform. Seriously. Do it now.

Here’s What’s Inside the 6-Month VIP Intensive:

Twelve powerful breakthrough

coaching sessions

Duration: 2 hours each

Frequency: Every other week

Guided tap exercises

tailored to your unique needs

Specific exercises between sessions
to help you release social anxiety faster.

Specific tapping routines

Tap-alongs and strategies to release:

  • 🎯 Anxiety before a scary social situation
  • 🎯 Anxiety during a difficult social situation
  • 🎯 Anxiety/worry/upset after a shitty social situation

One 90-minute PSYCH-K session

Together we’ll install key identity beliefs
essential for social confidence.

A 90-minute TAT healing session

TAT is a powerful healing modality that allows you
to work through social anxiety issues
without knowing the cause or reliving the pain.

We start with one full TAT session at the start of our intensive.
So that you can use the replay over and over
for personal inner work sessions.
Just hit play and follow along
for easy releasing of your social anxiety triggers!

Two years of
Social Confidence Club membership

This complements our coaching with continuous access to
resources, tap-alongs, comprehensive tapping training,
and live group coaching sessions. 

Being part of our supportive community with people
who have made incredible transformations already
will inspire and motivate you.

Six 1-on-1 power sessions of 1 hour each

These can be used anytime
within 2 years for additional support.

What to Expect:

Every other week we’ll meet and have a 2 hours breakthrough session. During that time, we look at your biggest social anxiety issue, and either take a chunk out of it, or neutralise it completely. 

During our next session we take your next biggest social anxiety issue, and tackle that one. And so on and so forth.

So after each session your SA issue gets smaller.

In the first month we will use PSYCH-K to install essential identity beliefs for social confidence. And, we will do a powerful TAT session to heal the deepest cause of your social anxiety.

The main event is of course the coaching. And yet, you’ll also receive guided tapping exercises tailored to your unique needs, and specific tapping routines for different social situations.

And, you’ll be able to use a specific guided TAT session to tackle specific SA issues.

Throughout our 6 month journey, we will:

✅ Eliminate the deepest causes of your social anxiety.
✅ Reduce your social anxiety bit by bit.
✅ Decrease the frequency and intensity of anxiety triggers.
✅ Boost your self-esteem, shift limiting beliefs, and build self-acceptance.

Slowly but surely, you’ll feel more and more safe being your authentic self around others.

While everyone’s journey is unique, clients consistently experience life-transforming results through my coaching.


“Life has been a complete change. My self-esteem and self-compassion have improved, and there's so much less criticism about my person now. I experience a deeper connection and a lot more depth in life. I've created a business and done so many things that I probably wouldn't have done without overcoming my social anxiety.

Sebastian | Business Owner 

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“I went from hiding in the bathroom during social events to confidently leading conversations and gatherings.”

Mary Henderson | Airbnb Host / YouTube Host


“I've been more able to express myself without fear or judgment. It’s raised up my self-esteem to the point where, if someone doesn't like me, it’s okay. There's been a lot of peace in that. I'm much more calmer, much more present in the moment.”


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If after our 6-month intensive there is any social anxiety left, you’ll have developed simple and effective ways to manage any remaining anxiety on your own.

Plus, you’ll have 6 additional power sessions to use at any time within a period of 2 years, ensuring you continue to have support as you solidify your progress. In the rare event that you want further assistance beyond that, I’ll be available to support you as needed.

During our journey together, I’ll literally take you by the hand and guide you out of the social anxiety jungle so you can start feeling more calm, peace, and true social confidence.

In other words, these coming 6 months will profoundly increase your social ease and be absolutely life-changing.

Many clients have told me that our coaching has been by far the best investment of their lives.

The program is $15 000…

When you are committed to overcoming your SA and would like to work together, please fill in the application form below. It will require you to fill in a client form. Once I've reviewed this my assistant Lia/Aira will set our intro chat up with you.

This way, you can get a feel of our connection, ask me anything, and see if we’re a good match.

If so, we'll be able to get started on your journey to social confidence within 2 weeks from now.

Looking forward to connecting with you :)


Ready to Transform Your Life? 

If you're committed to overcoming your social anxiety and want to work together,
please fill out the form below.

This will allow us to schedule a 20-minute introductory chat where
we can discuss your situation and see if we're a good match.

 Get Started Now

 1. Fill out the application form.

2. We'll set up your intro chat within a week.
3. Begin your journey to social confidence within two weeks.

    Click ‘Apply’ to start your transformation:



I was scared of everyone, felt the need to avoid a lot of events, places, and people.

Now, I got to start with a new living situation, new job, new people, new friends, new everything.”

- Alfred

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"I NEVER would have done that before.
It was exhilarating."

"As a psychotherapist myself with a history of social anxiety, talk therapy alone just wasn’t cutting it.
Now I see the value of using a strong experiential component to give the painful feelings a chance
to move out after being evoked.

That’s why the tapping works so well and quickly. It helps move out the feelings that Sebastiaan helps to call up.

Before I started tapping with Sebastiaan, I struggled with social anxiety for years
worrying about sweating and blushing, embarrassment and humiliation,
and anticipating all kinds of situations with trepidation.

I would isolate and hide to protect myself…
... and I’m a person who loves connection.

But I was really afraid of being judged as a freak and then devalued,
rejected and dismissed because of it. It really limited my life.

It created unnecessary dependencies and A LOT of negative thoughts and beliefs about myself,
a lot of shame, hopelessness, fear and an unwillingness to move forward in life.
Boy was I doing a dance to get through every day.

The frustration and all that toxic energy that I was holding in my system was very uncomfortable.
I was afraid to go to parties and definitely really scared to go alone.

I felt like I needed to please people to be accepted.
I would hide from authority figures.
I had trouble being assertive even though I have strong preferences.

The tapping sessions I’ve been doing with Sebastiaan have helped significantly.
I have been in a lot of different types of therapy over the years and for me, this one is remarkably effective.

The combination of the tapping technique and Sebastiaan’s skills and insight have created more forward movement
in a short period of time than ever before.

He really is an expert on social anxiety and all of the traps that a person with social anxiety finds himself in.

And I’m not gonna lie, I’m so impressed by him.
It’s the combination of his ability to be highly attuned and so articulate that works so well.

His precision cuts through the walls and defenses, gets me in touch with the deeper feelings and assumptions,
and with the tapping, moves it out… all while giving me a new and more effective way
to frame how I can approach future situations feeling safe and interested in embracing life.

I’m happy to report that now I’m trying lots of things that I used to be afraid of.

I’m more interested in going to parties and I’m actually enjoying them.
I’m less isolated and feel more secure with myself to engage with all different kinds of people. 
I’m getting more in touch with what’s important to me and feel hopeful, and I’m so much less depressed.

My anxiety has reduced significantly.

When I do feel anxious as I try new things,
I don’t shame myself for blushing or sweating or looking nervous.

I’m more proud of myself for sticking with it even when it’s uncomfortable.

Recently, I invited someone I was chatting with in line at a restaurant to join me and have a meal together.
I NEVER would have done that before. It was exhilarating.

I went to a wedding reception on my own and it was fine.
I’m excited to keep discovering myself.
I’m excited to keep trusting myself and what I know is important to me.
I’m learning to be less afraid of the unknown. 
I’m even learning to let go of other people’s perceptions of me
as I concern myself more with my own self acceptance.

My advice, give Sebastiian and this process a try. The proof is in the pudding.
You’ll know if it’s working in a short period of time. No need to guess."

Adam | Psychotherapist


Benefits of Coaching

  • Rapid results. No years of seeing a therapist. Feel relief after the first coaching session. Notice your social anxiety reduce in just a few weeks.
  • Relatively painless. No endless talking about your past. No painful reliving of trauma. Using Energy psychology techniques (like "EFT" Emotional Freedom Techniques") you quickly stop reliving the pain of your past.
  • No awkward facing of your fears. Using EFT you face your fears internally. We get to the roots of your fears and eliminate them. Now you face what you used to fear with confidence.

Coaching is NOT For You When...

  • You suffer from severe depression.
  • You are suicidal.
  • You have a history of sexual abuse.
  • You suffer from multiple personality disorder.

Note: You can be helped for any of the above. However, I specialise in social anxiety alone. If you have mild depression resulting from social anxiety, I can likely help you. But when any of the other above-mentioned describe your issue, I recommend contacting your mental health care provider for assistance. There are many EFT-experts available who are also qualified therapists. Find one who has experience successfully helping people overcome what you're dealing with. When in doubt, reach out for an intro-chat and we'll discuss what your best option would be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Put An End To Your Social Anxiety

If you’re ready to create more social ease and put an end to your social anxiety suffering,
then your next step is to click the button below and schedule your session.


What Former Clients Say About Our Coaching Program


He rated his social anxiety in groups or when he became the centre of attention a 10 out of 10. Extreme anxiety. He blushed and was absolutely terrified of people seeing him anxious. CBT, mindfulness, and exposure therapy had only given him mild relief.

After coaching he feels calm and relaxed in social situations. He even delivered a speech at his wedding anniversary with total confidence, really enjoying it. He goes: "Before, as soon as I had exposure to those situations, social anxiety was automatically triggered. I blamed myself always “why can I not control this?” It was completely automatic and I had not control over it. Now, it’s not triggered at all. It is shut off. It is cut off. That’s something amazing. Right now when I go into a social situation I really don’t care about their judgment."

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Before coaching, Salua struggled with overwhelming social anxiety and self-doubt. She had tried various methods without lasting success. After working with Sebastiaan, she experienced a profound transformation. She says, "I used to be extremely anxious in social situations, but now I'm relaxed and confident. I trust myself and make decisions based on my beliefs, not others' expectations. Coaching helped me resolve deep-rooted issues from my childhood, leading to peace and happiness. I'm no longer afraid to speak my mind, and I enjoy socializing without fear or exhaustion."

“Seb is extremely easy to work with and does a lot of the heavy lifting for you...”

Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

“Coaching was FUN. There has been a huge change. My situation has improved tremendously".



Zizou was not a coaching client, but a friend from the dance community, who I offered to help with her problem of freezing up around attractive men.

We did a 45 minute group session at our retreat and a 2.5hr private session.

She overcame that problem and 90% of her overall social anxiety issues went as well.

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Ready to finally overcome your social anxiety?